3 Key Ways To Work More Effectively With Your UK Transcription Company

Transcription companies do not always have an easy time when it comes to working with transcriptions. Some projects are very hard to work on, and there are many stumbling blocks to get over before the final version of the transcript is achieved. If you have a transcriptions project, you can make life easier for everyone – and raise your chances of getting the perfect transcript in as little time as possible – by following these simple tips.

3 Key Ways To Work More Effectively With Your UK Transcription Company

  1. Talk to Your Transcription Company

It is not ideal if you simply drop your audio off at the transcription services company and log in a few days later for the result. It is much better if you speak openly with the UK transcription company so they know exactly what you want and need. You should discuss the style of transcription you are looking for. What is the purpose of your transcription project? Let the company know if, for example, you want the transcript for a legal hearing, or for a website podcast. There are many things you need to decide on and inform the transcription company about. Do you want a note of where people pause when they speak, or the emotion behind their speech? Pretty much everything can be achieved in  transcription project but you need to be clear at the outset exactly what you want.

  1. Get the Clearest Recording

In many cases you will have no control over the quality of the audio, but most of the time you can make sure that your audio file is as clear as possible. The worse quality the recording, the harder it is to get a good transcript. Make sure that you minimise background noise and get the simple things right like putting the microphone close to whoever is speaking. Do a test run first to see what the quality of the recording is like. You could even send the transcription company a sample of a recording done in the same location, and see what they say about how it can be used. Then you have time to make changes to improve the audio and get a better transcript as a result. Of course, transcription companies will work with practically all audio files but it does really make a difference when the recording is clear. It could impact on the cost, too.

  1. Provide Added Information

It helps when you pass information onto the transcribers with the names of the people in the recording, or the spellings of particular places, people, jargon, or slang. If there is any unusually technical information, a link to an explanation is helpful. Transcribers will work with very little but it is much better when you provide a lot of information.

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