Electrical Safety Tips On Construction Sites

Electricity can be our best friend when handled carefully or will turn into your worst enemy. Human beings are good conductors of electricity and it will not take much to kill a person of electricity, Since to light a bulb one needs 60Watts of power which is five times greater than the power that will kill a person, Even electricians are not immune to electricity.

The main prospect of electricity safety at construction sites should be a planned outlook and deep knowledge of electrical systems to be installed in the whole instruction site. Avoid working live, do not work when the connections are live.

Electrical Safety Tips On Construction Sites

Here are few electrical safety tips at construction sites:

  • Make sure all the extension cords are three wired.
  • Check if all the cords are insulated properly and they should be damaged by the heavy construction work.
  • Make sure that the isolated supply from earth with voltage ranging between earth and phase conductors do not exceed 230 Volts.
  • There must be a worksite hazard assessment done in which all the electrical hazards must be taken into account and all the necessary controls must be kept to manage them.
  • All the electrical wires must be continuous , not broken and plugs must be molded or screwed at their place.
  • The Electrical power tools with non-dead man switches possess an automatic magnetic restart, which can injure the operator if motors were to restart because of power failures.
  • Outlets of power sockets and power tools should be switched off before or after use.
  • Daily visual inspection on sites are necessary to check for any electrical issue arose.
  • Do not misuse or spoil your equipment , always clean them and keep them dry.
  • Make sure you there is some provision for keeping your equipments save and secure after use.
  • Discard the components and equipments which are damaged and Keep a “Do Not Use” tag on them.
  • Switchboards must be checked and authorized by a qualified tester who has the author y by the local government.
  • Check whether all the tools used follow the standards set by the Government.
  • Remember the tools and portable equipments specially made for DIY purpose will not be used in construction sites.
  • Protect the lighting systems at construction sites from breakage or damage, since the filament of broken bulb can create an electrical hazard.
  • Hire only commercial electrician Newton if your site is in Sydney, Since commercial electricians have much qualification and certification when compared to  local electricians.
  • Replace the bulbs of higher watt with lower, since over heating of bulbs can cause fire.
  • Be very cautious about the place the workers stand and perform electrical work, make sure it to be dry and properly insulated.

These are few safety tips for the electricians who work on construction or demolition sites, since we all know that taking  precaution is better than cure.

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