5 Great Reasons Your Company Should Embrace Identity Verification

Identity theft is a genuine concern in this day in age and with good reason. Account takeovers, data breaches, and information leaks mean companies like yours need a reliable way to make sure people are who they say they are before you trust them with sensitive information. It’s essential for the future safety of your business, not to mention your personal peace of mind.

Adding a routine identity check to your company’s list of standard protocols lets you rest easy in the knowledge that you know what you’re getting into when you bring someone new on board (or otherwise deal with sensitive information) for many reasons. Here’s a closer look at a few prime examples.

  1. Verify the results of your background checks.

Background checking each job candidate is a must when hiring, especially when you’re looking for someone to trust with truly sensitive information. However, if a particular candidate applies for your position using a stolen identity, they could still escape detection to the future detriment of your company.

Following up a standard background check with an identity check during your hiring protocol adds an extra layer of security to your screening process. You won’t just think the candidate is who they say they are. You’ll know it and be able to hire them with confidence.

  1. Expand your hiring options.

There are many reasons why your company might not want to rely entirely on a staff of in-house employees. Not every job necessitates a permanent hire, especially when it comes to a business’s temporary needs. Freelancers and gig contractors give companies more options to consider when there’s a job to be done, but you still need a failsafe way to make sure your picks are trustworthy.

Running a quick identity check before delegating tasks to freelancers ensures you’re trusting only honest, forthright people with your company’s valuable information. It’s something so fast and straightforward, but it could potentially save you so much trouble.

5 Great Reasons Your Company Should Embrace Identity Verification

  1. Boost your company’s reputation.

You’re not the only one with a vested interest in your company’s approach to handling sensitive information. Your customers trust you with their personal, legal, and financial data every time they do business with you. They’re counting on you to make absolutely sure that information is safely and securely handled at all times.

Making it a point to verify identity when it makes sense to do so shows your customers that you take their security seriously. They’ll trust you more thoroughly as a result, and your company’s brand reputation will improve by leaps and bounds.

  1. Save a fortune in fines and penalties.

Trusting the wrong person with critical information isn’t just bad for business. It can land you and your company in hot water. Depending on the situation, you could be sued for damages, incur hefty penalties, or wind up paying excessive fines. This is terrible news for any company, but a significant incident or lawsuit could force a small business or a startup to close its doors.

Safety precautions like background checks and identity screenings drastically decrease the likelihood of something like this happening. You can rest assured that your business is in complete compliance with all necessary rules and regulations and discourage criminal activity of all kinds.

  1. Offer your customers a better experience.

Today’s consumer loves friction-free experience when making purchases and other business decisions. Ask them for too much information or make a sign-up process too lengthy, and you could lose them to your competition.

Adding identity verification technology to your repertoire makes it possible to obtain some of the information you need without bothering the customer for it. It can streamline a standard onboarding process, making it faster, easier, and more convenient for everyone involved. You get the results you need, and your customers get the fast, simple experience they want.

When it comes to your business, there’s really no such thing as too careful. Identity checks help you make sure you’re making intelligent, well-considered decisions in every aspect of running your company. When you’re confident about identity when it counts, everyone wins, including your customers. Explore the possibilities today, and experience the peace of mind you deserve!

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