How to wear official merch in a stylish way

Whether you’re a football fan who loves to showcase their support for their favorite team or a brand ambassador who wants to promote something, wearing official merch is probably important for you. But sometimes, official merch doesn’t look as stylish as you might want it to, so you have to style it in a way that makes it the accent piece of your outfit. In this article, we have some tips and tricks on how you can wear merch products while looking stylish and fresh. Get your Guinness cap here: and get ready to learn how to rock it in any outfit you want.

#Blend it in

One of the key elements in styling official merch is to seamlessly blend it with your existing wardrobe. Instead of going for a head-to-toe branded look, pair your official merch item with neutral or complementary colors. For example, if you’re rocking that Guinness cap, consider combining it with a classic white tee and a pair of well-fitted denim jeans. This way, the merch becomes the focus point without overwhelming your entire look.

#Style and layers

Elevate your merch game by incorporating layers into your outfit. Style your official polo t-shirt by adding a jacket, hoodie, or even a denim shirt over it. This will add depth and dimension to your look, taking your merch polo one step up the fashion ladder. This will show that you pay attention to your looks, and also allow you to adapt your style to different weather conditions and occasions. Layers can also help you increase your safety. If we’re talking about football supporters, for example, showing the team you support by wearing their colors or merch could potentially get you in trouble. So hiding your merch under a jacket might get you safely through the crowd. Consider the season as well when you choose the layers, you wanna be cozy and comfortable at all times.

#DIY merch

Just because we’re talking about merch, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own. Put your spin on official merch by customizing it and adding your personality to it. Whether it’s cropping a T-shirt, adding patches, or distressing denim, personalizing your merch makes it unique and allows you to express your individuality while still representing the brand. You just wanna pay attention that your modifications don’t go over the branding and completely transform your merchandise. Unless that’s the result you’re looking for. There are no rules to DIYs and fashion, your imagination can go as wild as you wish.

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