Project Management, Customer Care and Guiding Your Business To Success

Employers expect their staff of all levels to be capable of basic project management skills. With a generation of graduates with almost no relevant work experience in their current sectors, it is important that employees and employers invest in professional training.

Project Management, Customer Care and Guiding Your Business To Success

Project management training is one of the most common training courses for millennials, therefore, making it one of the most desirable for employers. Thinking about developing your skills? Here are 10 Reasons why you should invest in project management certification.

Project Management Skills Are Desirable

We have touched on this already, as one of the first question graduates and employees are being asked at the interview table is “what project management skills can you bring to this organisation?” Today’s employers are looking for employees who are willing to develop with their job role, investing their skills in their business.

Project management is extremely desirable within a number of industries as it displays a candidate’s versatility and management skills – something that can be applied in any sector. Employees are also choosing project management training as it is easy to find an online course which they can do at home, out of office hours, this shows employers dedication and your passion for improving.

Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Employees without project management skills often five clients “guesstimates” and that doesn’t look entirely professional from the customer’s point of view. Setting unrealistic deadlines for customers can result in you receiving the backlash from their disappointment after their target has been missed or pushed back.

 If you are feeling unconfident in your workplace, professional training may be what you need to boost your performance and enhance your customer service skills.

Millennial Businesses Loves Training

Employers, now more than ever, expect to be trained. In-house training gives employees a goal and motivates them to become more productive in their job role. These days’ employees are stepping out of university and the majority are going into a role which is completely different from their job title. The benefit of professional training is that it prepares employees for further education within their company’s specific framework.

Cover all bases. Datrix Training recommends  APMP certification as it  “can build a chain reaction” from project managers to customers. By improving your own knowledge your customers will benefit and in time you will be capable of working in situations which you may have felt apprehensive about before you APMP training.

Project Management, Customer Care and Guiding Your Business To Success

Find Your Feet with Project Management

Project Management isn’t always a skill that comes naturally, however, from our early years we have been following leaders.  Although we may have witnessed great leadership skills from our own eyes, putting them into practice ourselves isn’t always easy.

The best type of business always has strong leaders behind them. If you would like to progress in your career, make sure that you are a leader who is capable of motivating your team as well as performing well in your own job role.

A Project Manager should have a plan, allowing them to achieve their goals without procrastinating in their decision making.

Elearning Makes Project Management Training Easy

Project management training is accessible! Employees and employers are keen to move toward online training as it means they can develop skills without disturbing their daily schedule. A Study of mid-sized to large companies in the Training Industry Report 2014, showed that 44% of companies were moving towards online learning.

The online training industry is booming and course providers are now forced to keep up with competitors, supplying quality courses that encourage users to learn new skills and develop their careers over the internet.

Online learning is convenient and the majority of employers give their employees time within the work day to complete sections of their training.

Project Management, Customer Care and Guiding Your Business To Success

Wider Employment Opportunities

Future employers will be impressed with your willingness to learn skills out of hours. By gaining a professional certification there will be a wider range of employment opportunities available to you.

This doesn’t mean you have to move company; it could mean a promotion in the company you are currently in. Lots of candidates are applying to jobs with first class degrees, but having a project management certification will make your CV stand out from the rest of the competition.

Prepare with Project Management Training

No matter what industry you work in, at some point you will require project management skills. Whether you require basic training or complex management training there will be a project management course online that suits your needs.

Old fashion project management courses were often made as a “one size” fits all syllabus, however, an online course can be fitted to your needs.

Build Your Professional Confidence

Project Management, Customer Care and Guiding Your Business To Success

Finally, you will feel more confident with project management training. Millennials are soaking up all of the training they can get as it so easy to access online. Figures show that digital learning is increasing at a steady rate of 22.7%, a figure which proves that professionals are willing to work long, hard hours to get to where they want to be.

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