5 Keys To Maintain A Business In These Times

Be our own bosses, time freedom, start a personal project, pursue a vocational profession … There are many reasons that can lead us to open a business. But it seems that, in a saturated job market in which it is increasingly difficult to remain stable, every day there are more who rush to launch their own business.

However, despite that both public and private institutions are making a strong bid for entrepreneurs, you need to keep your feet on the ground and keep in mind that starting a business is complicated.

And we’re not talking about leading business technology start-ups or companies online. Something that may seem as simple as riding a clothing store or open a restaurant has much more crumb than we usually believe. In these times, it is necessary to study and plan each step, pay special attention to details that, in many cases, we overlook and, above all, put a lot of common sense.

Business teamwork and performance concept

Whether you plan to mount a bar, open a salon or a veterinary clinic, take note of these simple keys that will help you assemble, but especially to consolidate your business:

1. Customer Care:

Is a fundamental aspect that we must never neglect. Our customers must feel comfortable and attended at all times, although leaving enough space and autonomy. We must find a way to “connect” with our customers and loyalty. The goal is not reduced to having a good experience but want to repeat.

2. Environment Friendly:

Something that is often overlooked and, finally, is recorded on the heads of those who visit our site. Pay careful attention to odors, noise, lighting and temperature of our premises.

3. Timeouts:

It is essential to know properly manage the periods in which we can serve our customers: give appointment in a acceptable time, reduce waiting times within our establishment in providing personalized attention, offer a service or simply make the collections. This will help to keep them from leaving with the feeling of having wasted time or what it is but, without making their purchases.

4. Quality – Price:

Be realistic. Unless you have a marketing strategy based on the price, you should try to adjust the maximum quality of the products or services you offer with the price brands. Although subjective, we must ensure that customers leave happy, but remember that you also lose money.

5. Location, Promotion and Marketing:

For a physical business, a good location is essential. Try to make a preliminary market study and analyze your competition. No need to pull the boat out for it, but will largely determine the success of your business. Moreover, it is highly recommended that ideas a marketing plan and promotion to publicize your business. Unless you’re in a place of great tourist influx, it is very difficult to get those first clients who then may give references on your property.