5 Tips To Survive The Slope Of January

We know that there is still a month to start another year full of new goals and purposes but has not happened is sometimes difficult to start a good start to the year because they are worn by the holidays and gifts we gave these beings that both estimates.

In addition, there are products and services that rise in price starting the year with the pretext of the new year, this phenomenon by giving a name tell the slope of January.

So in case you suffer in the first months of the year we want to give you some tips to help you avoid such costs and starting January 2015. Let us approach all:

Start Making your Reservations for Money

Allocates some of your salary for savings, if you’re not very thrifty can start with 3 or 5% and then increase gradually, also if you receive in December your bonus can save a portion for lean times.

Try to Start the Year without Debt

One of the best financial strategies for your bonus is not wasted on things profitable use as renovating what you require actually pay your debts or to start a year without pang of conscience.

5 Tips To Survive The Slope Of January

Do not go to Loans or Pawns

Earlier this year it is very common to see more commercial secured loans or banks that say you “can help” with your debts. It is best not to have debts at the end of the year to avoid committing early in the first month.

A Modest Christmas is better than an Annoying Debt

They say that what is important is to be united, so you’d better have a Christmas with necessities, many families spend over a thousand dollars in a holiday dinner, is not questionable, but if you have outstanding debts or payments seeks to finish them on time. One of the things you should look to start the year is your financial freedom, which is summarized in January start without debt.

You Must Propose Financial Goals

Do not miss the guy who wants health, money and love; well, everything goes some way also linked to your personal finances, because if you start with lower consumption purposes as the “cravings” can continue to save that money you spent and you better health and why not? Invest those savings for your next car as an example.