6 Habits To Improve Your Relationship With Money

1. What limiting beliefs you have about money? Evaluate how you relate to money, ask and see what way your parents related to money? What value has the money in your life? The way your parents relate to money directly influences how you use too, and the root of this behavior is a belief acquired in your childhood, and beliefs can be changed, begins by identifying if you have negative beliefs about money.

2. Be honest with yourself. Do you know how much money you spend in a month? Organize your bills and scores each of your expenses, do this exercise for three consecutive months and begins to settle modify the idea of always buying the items on discount or re-used.

6 Habits To Improve Your Relationship With Money

3. Make your budget. Did you know that once defined your budget will have fewer conflicts with that deal? That’s because they have clarity on the money you receive and how you should organize it, knowing clearly how much you have left for extras, apply a foolproof formula: your expenses should never exceed your income.

4. Do your monthly spend less than you earn. Apply this golden formula for three consecutive months, observe the results and compared with the previous three months before you start applying this formula in your expenses, draw your own conclusions, and most importantly learn from your own mistakes.

5. Try to save 10 percent of your income. Rather than give yourself a treat at the end of each week, save that money and choose a project in which you want to invest, this can be a journey, an arrangement for your home, down payment on a car, buying shares, etc. Separate certain amount of money monthly works much better than the approach of “feast and famine” this happens when good times you spend all the money you get, and lean time, you into debt to pay for the month.

6. Be patient with yourself. Remember you’re building a new habit in your life, and this can take some time, be patient with yourself, if you fall in the negative habit of spending all that you receive in the month, do not panic nor will auto-punish, just start over again, remember that enhance or create a habit from scratch is something which should gain hands, you know what the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and fortunately have 12 months to start over as many times as necessary.