Advantages and Disadvantages Of Starting A Moving Business

Some people will want to start a business in the removals industry. However, they may not be aware of the pitfalls, as well as the benefits.

1) Don’t Cut Corners

It’s quite easy to buy a van, become self-employed and start a moving business. There are so many reliable experienced removals in London that a new business would acquire customers quite quickly. Yet, in the rush to start a new business, you shouldn’t attempt to cut corners. Make sure that you’ve taken out insurance and that the van is roadworthy, having gone through all the necessary tests in order that it’s fit to transport other people’s belongings. Purchase any additional equipment, such as tapes and boxes for packing.

2) Beware the Market

The removals market in London is overflowing with companies in every borough. Such is the level of competition, that there are thousands of potential customers in every area of London. There is a massive market of untapped revenue that a new company could exploit. However, the market is overflowing with companies as it is. If you want to start a company in this highly competitive industry, you need to make your company stand out, either with your pricing or with the quality of your service.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Starting A Moving Business

3) Experience Helps

This isn’t a requirement when starting a new business, but experience does help. It’s a definite advantage if you have worked in the movers business before as a remover or even as a part of the customer service team. You would know what a customer would want out of a removal and what would be the best service to deliver to them. If you have experience in this industry, you will know how to handle an unhappy customer and how to resolve the problem before it escalates.

4) Staying Ahead of the Competition

Initially, it probably won’t be too hard to acquire some customers in the first few months. What will be difficult is increasing the amount of customers you have month on month. Starting any business is hard and starting a moving company is no different. It will take months before you can build a big enough customer base and it may take over a year before you see any worthwhile profit from the business. Always be aware of what your competitors in your area are doing. If you think you can do it better, incorporate that service into your business.

5) Understanding the need to let go the Reins

When you own a company initially, you want to be in charge of everything and be everywhere. Yet, as a business grows, that will become more and more difficult to do.

At the start of the business, you may not need to employ anyone. As a removals company grows, you will need to take on some staff. It is only natural that a person will have a hesitancy to employ someone when they’re running a business, as they will have to pay them, which means less profit for the business owner. If you’re stubborn on this issue, you run the risk of losing out on business if you insist on running the business singlehanded.

6) Never Run Out of Work

One of the biggest advantages about a removal business is that it isn’t seasonal. People will want to move throughout the year, so you will never run out of potential customers. With that in mind, aim to have at least two removals booked each day to begin with. Set a target date as to when you would want to reach this target by.