Be Prepared Ahead Of A Removal

There’s no better safeguard to a successful home relocation than being fully prepared for what lies ahead! This guideline full of tips and tricks can really make sure you’re equipped to deal with moving house. If you’re opting for a man and van service keeping your professional movers hydrated will make all the difference to their performance. Simply offering them a cuppa whilst they get down to work will put you in their good books and you can rest assured they’ll feel revived and able to get on with moving furniture and other removal jobs with greater ease and efficiency!

Keeping the professional reliable home movers happy aside, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of packing boxes and other packing materials, like bubble wrap, to keep fragile items safe from breakage and secure packing tape! You can purchase these from any removal company or find some second hand boxes at your local supermarket! The latter is of course the cheaper option. Either way make sure your boxes are sturdy so you can stack them one on top of the other in your removal van. You don’t want any of your valuables falling out while being transported to your new location or to a storage facility! Boxed goods are also much easier to move and can also be stacked on a trolley with wheels, saving you the back ache of lifting heavy loads!

Be Prepared Ahead Of A Removal

It’s very likely that like most people you will have mirrors and framed pictures that will need moving. You’ll need to protect these by wrapping them in bubble and then a special brown paper before loading them onto the moving van. If you’re not hiring a firm to handle your removals, then it is your responsibility to securely wrap and protect your paintings and mirrors. Remember that by hiring professional movers to pack your belongings it’s highly unlikely that any of your items or belongings will incur damage.

There are certain matters to take into consideration when it comes to house removals. For example if you’re moving from a top floor flat with no lift access furniture removals can be tricky. It makes sense to first move all your heavy items of furniture downstairs and then loading them onto your van. If you are relocating from a flat, it’s probably a good idea to hire a 2 or 3 man with a van service, as the more help, the better!

Another way to ensure a smooth move and to be well prepared is to ask some friends or family to lend a hand. Let them help with packing and loading your van. Remember however that lifting heavy or bulky items can result in injuries, so make sure your friends are up to the job! You don’t want to be responsible for your friend putting their back out or sustaining a knee injury just for the sake of cheap removals options!

Now whether the home you’re leaving is yours or was just rented, you’ll want to protect the floors and walls from sustaining any damage while you handle furniture removals. Why not place some plastic sheeting or cardboard on the floors during a move. If you’ve got carpeting, you also can’t expect professional movers to take off their shoes every time they come in and out of your house, so make sure your floors are protected. With temperamental English weather and the rainy season upon us, you also won’t want the house movers bringing in dirt and marking your floor! You may want to use the plastic covering idea in both your old and new properties!