Cobalt Alloys As Your Favorite Manufacturing Product

Cobalt has magnetic properties, characterized by being corrosion and wear resistant as well as having an immense strength of holding capacity even at a high temperature; all these properties makes cobalt and cobalt based alloys or cobalt alloys an excellent choice for building all those materials and applications that make use of all the above stated properties.

Cobalt Alloys As Your Favorite Manufacturing Product

In the list below, various types of cobalt alloys are explained which are readily available. Their properties are discussed and which of these cobalt alloys form a component in the built of a finished product. Here is a look –

  1. Alacrite – It is one from the family of cobalt based alloys that is known to have a high surface hardness capacity that enables manufacturers to use this alloy to bring about a mirror like feature. Alacrite is in the build of drug-eluting stents. Fun Fact – this super alloy was originally developed to be used in aircrafts!
  1. Cobalt-Chrome – The name suggests what it is made up of; yes that is right, cobalt and chromium! This alloy is said to have immense strength retention capacity which makes it perfect for the manufacture of further goods like orthopedic implants.
  1. Megallium – It is an alloy based on 60% cobalt, 20% chromium, 5% molybdenum and others. It is a light-weight, corrosion resistant, hypo-allergenic alloy which makes it a perfect substance to make dentistry materials.
  1. Permendur – It is an alloy made of cobalt and iron on a perfect fifty-fifty share. It has soft magnetic properties and is often available amongst soft magnetic alloys.
  1. Pobedit – It is made of 90% tungsten carbide and about 10% cobalt to simplify its structure! Tungsten carbide is known for its strength and therefore, this alloy is widely used in the production of cutting plates or drill tools that require penetrating hard surfaces.
  1. Samarium-Cobalt Magnet – It is a permanent, super strong magnet made of, yes as the name says, samarium and cobalt.
  1. Satellite – It is yet another cobalt chromium alloy that has the ability of being wear resistant. This property allows for this alloy to be used in the production of cutlery that does not get stained. We have all seen a huge variety of such cutleries and have always wanted, right?!
  1. Vitallium – Yet another alloy based on chromium, cobalt and molybdenm that it is used in dentistry for making artificial joints.

As you can see, cobalt alloys have a wide use. Cobalt as a substance has a wide range of abilities which in itself allows for it being a manufacturing requirement from factories to the dentist’s office to homes in the form of stain resistant plates and utensils. Cobalt’s wear resistance abilities make cobalt alloys more famous than any of its other properties. Cobalt alloys are used to make cutlery more than anything else! Cobalt based alloys are used in a large scale. Interesting fact is that these alloys are used to make nickel alloys as well!

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