Common Diesel Engine Issues And How A San Diego Expert Can Help You

Nowadays diesel engines and fuel pumps are extremely sophisticated and require an experienced professional to diagnose in case of a malfunction. But even though there are many mechanics out there, working with the recommended diesel repair San Diego experts can significantly help save time, energy and cost. There is absolutely no need to take shortcuts when a task of this magnitude is involved. More often than not, those who fail to engage the right professionals end up spending more than they should through many repeated visits to the auto-repair shops and wasted man-hours due to unexpected breakdowns. Here are some common problems that are associated with diesel usage and how Propulsion Controls Engineering (PCE) can help in solving them.

Common Diesel Engine Issues And How A San Diego Expert Can Help You

Clogged Combustion Chamber

In some cases, diesel-powered cars and trucks are not able to burn off fuel flawlessly. This is because diesel is naturally made up of heavy and large hydrocarbon elements. Though these heavy molecules tend to have a lot of energy than shorter molecules, they often don’t burn out properly. The moment these hydrocarbon chains fail to combust completely they leave behind deposits within the combustion chamber. These deposits may build up over time and this might affect the efficiency of the diesel engine. The best way to get this problem solved is to consult a diesel repair San Diego expert to have the entire combustion chamber cleaned.

Poor Lubricity

When it comes to diesel systems, the entire structure relies on the lubricity of the fuel in order to minimize wear and tear of engine parts. Using the wrong type of diesel fuel can eventually cause serious damage to the entire system even if normal engine oil is applied. It is best to talk to a professional just to make sure you are using the right kind of fuel for your truck to avoid potential problems in the future.

Poor Performance In Cold Weather

One of the biggest challenges for diesel truckers is poor engine performance in the cold weather. This is mainly caused by wax molecules which have a tendency to separate from the solution and form cloudy precipitates when exposed to cold weather. Not only does this decrease fuel efficiency, but the paraffin precipitates may clump up and clog up the fuel filter. If that happens, it is recommended to engage an individual who is familiar with matters of cold weather performance and “cold flow improvement” among other important areas of expertise.

Smoke From The Exhaust And Its Color

We can generally understand the issues with a diesel engine by the color of smoke emitted from the exhaust.

(1)Thick Black Smoke

A diesel engine system can produce black smoke due to air-fuel ration imbalance. This happens when either there is lack of enough oxygen or when the fuel pump is malfunctioning. Further, dark smoke can be caused by a dirty air cleaner, faulty intercooler or turbocharger or problems within valves or cylinder head.

(2)Bluish Smoke

This generally happens when the engine ends up burning engine oil due to worn piston rings and cylinders. Besides that, faulty valve stem seals, excess engine oil and faulty lift pump may contribute to the problem.

(3)White Smoke

White smoke is commonly produced when the fuel injected into the engine’s cylinder fails to burn properly. This smoke causes a burning sensation to the eyes. The problem emanates from poor engine-pump timing, fuel starvation to the pump and low engine compression. In some cases, though, the problem may be caused by presence of water or petrol in the diesel fuel used.

Final Word

This of course is a non-exhaustive list of problems that face diesel engine and fuel pump systems. Problems like engine failure to start, service engine soon button lighting too often and overheating are also commonly reported.

Generally, regardless of mileage, age, model or make, occasional engine problems are an inevitable part of car ownership. While proper care and maintenance may help reduce the need for frequent car repairs there’s no way to guarantee that a car will not break down. Getting your car checked by a top fuel pump repair San Diego technician can help you identify potential threats and get them corrected early enough. This in itself can save you time and money as it helps eliminate small issues before they spiral out of control.

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