Custom Medallions: Uses and Benefits

Achievements and their corresponding commendations go hand in hand. Medals, trophies, medallions, coins, and many personalized gifts that say, “We are proud of the blood and sweat that you have shed in order to achieve this for yourself, your team, your regiment, your company, your institution, etc.” Everybody loves receiving praise, but a medal goes the extra mile when you want to say, “Well done”.  Now, in order to present that medal, first you need to get it with your brand or logo or institution name in scripted on it to make it official. That’s where custom medals come in.


Use of a Custom Medallion

A medallion can be used to celebrate the achievements in more than one field. The basic point of presenting a medal is to boost or maintain the high morale of the troops or the high achievers so that they will maintain their high level of performance. Now you can use a medal for various fields, depending on which institution or field you are in. Here are a few examples listed below:

  • In schools, colleges or any other academic institution, you can have medals to celebrate your high achievers in scholarly or extracurricular activities. With the institution emblem inscribed on the medallion, the medal will glow on their chests filled with pride.
    • Listing the obvious first, medals for the top scorers of any academic year.
    • Custom medals for head boy and head girl (for schools obviously).
    • Medallion for athletic achievements or victories in competitions by your various sports teams.
    • Custom medals for your artistes; your school or college band, students excelling in an art meet or medals for the winner of a short story contest or poetry contest, etc.
    • Last but not the least; the ‘student of the year’ medal is always the most glorious in any institution.
  • Custom medallions are used by the government branches or military branches for services rendered to the Country or Heroic military services. The government can also personalize medals to award the Civilians for exceptional volunteer service or acts of valor or feats of bravery.
  • Custom medallions are great additions to the corporate sector. If any employee has gone beyond the call of duty to meet a deadline, see through a merger, finish a corporate presentation or secure billion dollars in investments, then a medal is the way to go, though in the last case, you would need to splurge a little bit more than just a medal. In a similar fashion, the ‘employee of the year’ medal is also quite desirable.

Can do’s while getting Custom Medallions

A custom medallion can be designed in virtually any shape or size. However, when entering into a contract, you need to clearly check what the company specializes in or is offering. When creating custom medals, people usually add a neck ribbon or a back pin. It increases the impact; there are plenty of things you can do when ordering your custom medals. Listed below are a few important ones:

  • Anything to do with the look or feel of the medallion is up to you. Starting from the artwork or logo to the color, text or imagery.
  • Size: As mentioned above, a medal can be made in virtually any size. However, these are usually made between 1 3/4” to 6”.
  • Medal finishes: There are a variety of options to choose from. To list a few –
    • Gold polished
    • Silver polished
    • Bronze polished
    • Gold antique
    • Silver antique
    • Bronze antique
  • Neck ribbons come in different options such as sateen, printed, a solid color or custom.

So, here all above information mention different benefits and usage of custom medallions. If you want to know more than visit this link so you can also know about different types of custom medals.

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