Do You Know How Learning Danish Will Benefit You In More Ways Than One?

Danish language teachers often confront the question, ‘Why Danish?’ Is it because of the love for Danish dramas or is it because of the inclination of commuting via bicycles that is drawing you towards this language. As the population of the country is just above 5.7 million, Danish is one of the smaller European languages and you’ll be rather surprised to know that most Danes speak fluently in English. Most Danish students find too many similarities with English and if you take into account the history of this language, you will find actual similarities between them.

Do You Know How Learning Danish Will Benefit You In More Ways Than One?

If you’re eager to learn Danish but you’re not sure about the reasons to learn this language, you’ve clicked on the right post. Here we will discuss about the worthy reasons behind learning Danish rather than any other foreign language.

Reason #1: Learning Danish is free

In the country where several things are extremely expensive, it is rather great to find something that is free. Once you get a CPR number, you will be qualified to get Danish lessons, that too at one of the best language schools in the country. These days, the trend of learning has also changed and hence you can blend learning as per your convenience. You can learn Danish when it suits you. You just have to learn the few modules at first.

Reason #2: You can grab a job

Although English is a language that is widely spoken in Denmark, you’ll still find it tough to grab a job without having minimum skills in speaking Danish. If the employer is given a choice to choose between a candidate who knows Danish and who doesn’t, he will choose the former. Hence, try to get a grip over this language.

Reason #3: You can make friends and also build a network

Denmark is a country which follows the culture of ‘who you know’ and the Danes are already engaged in their own strong networks based on their work experience or years of education. If you’re able to speak Danish, it will be easier for you to penetrate into such networks. Even if you consider joining local groups on Facebook, you can link up with people who are Danish and even with the expats.

Reason #4: You will feel less isolated

The biggest reason of learning Danish when living in that country is that you won’t feel isolated once you know the language. When you comprehend the basics of the language, you can easily enter into a small talk and you can spend time in reading headlines of a newspaper. This will let you feel more integrated and less isolated. You will happily be able to get a new life.

Hence, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to feel lonely in a new country where you’ve shifted, you have to master the art of learning their language. Get into their shoes and try to feel the world through their eyes.

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