Dubai Dhow Guide – Dhow Cruise Creek Or Dhow Cruise Marina – Which One Is Best?

Dubai is indeed one of the leading and charming cities in the entire world. Going for dhow cruise dinner generally comes on top of the bucket list for every residents and tourists while visiting Dubai!

The cruise dinners are very famous across the world. You can have it at two places, the Dubai Creek and Marina. However, people have started comparing them and want to know the best among the two. Are you too curious to know more about both of these places? Well, take a look at the following points and gather some interesting facts!

High Quality Service!

Marina is relatively more costly than the Creek. It offers top quality services as well as food to keep the passengers pleased. Marina works in a way that ensures best quality drinks and foods while offering the best value for your bucks. The berthing fees are likely double of the costs in creek. After all, you get what you pay for!

Dhows in the Dubai Creek are known to be low as compared to Marina. Therefore, some people may feel that the services they receive in creek are of less quality.

Scenic views

It is true that the creek has its own charm and beautiful views that can be a valuable experience, but the views there are limited as compared to Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. The area in Creek where the Dhow boats sail are short and there is nothing much attractive to see on both sides.

On the other hand, the marina is a newer construction and has a large variety of the architectural elements in it. Moreover, there is promenade on either sides with many people going on walks or sitting in outdoor restaurants and cafes.

The trams and the passing cars on bridges above the boat offers you a whole new element of originality and excitement, while the star studded sky that can be seen at the night looks wonderful. During the day, you can see the people working in the cafes and shops around in promenade.

This busy view looks unique and distinct every time you watch it. It adds a good sense of being new when dining.


Generally, the creek has daily sort of atmosphere with the barges going to ports and traffic and general ambience of the business. On contrary, Dubai Marina offers the ambience of enjoyment. You only see the leisure vessels around the place. Smaller fishing boats, private yachts, and other dhows make your dinner more exciting and fun!


For the ones that haven’t been to cruise dinner for a while can be surprised at the awesome experience they would have at the Marina. It can be an overall new experience that will cause nostalgia at the past dhow cruise dinners.

Even the reviews of Marina are too good. It is the main reason that makes it more popular than the Creek. In either ways, both the places will definitely bring memories back or create some new memories for you!

Most of the people generally choose Marina over Creek. However, it would be greatly dependent on your preferences. So, have the best time and make some awesome memories now!

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