How To Choose Appropriate Clothes For The Workplace

The clothes you wear make a major statement on who you are and the message you want to bring across. The saying ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’ is very factual. The way you present yourself to a certain crowd, especially according to your dressing, determines the way the audience will interact with you. Fashion has allowed you different ways you can express yourself through the different patterns, textures and designs that are depicted on clothes. It is important that you have adequate information on how to dress according to the event you are attending and the audience you are going to present yourself before. One of those places that you frequently find yourself in is the work place. This is a place where you want to be addressed as the professional that you are and be served with respect. So as to be perceived as a noble individual in this arena, you will need to have the knowledge on what to wear to receive the respect you deserve. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Ensure your clothes fit.

Wearing clothing that is too big for you, or putting on a size that is too small for you will not give a good impression. It is very crucial that your outfit is a proper fit and makes you feel comfortable so that you give the impression of a confident person and someone who takes keen concern on their dressing.

  1. Wear shoes that are in good condition.

When you present yourself before people, your shoes, although they may not always be visible in front of an audience, play a big role in your whole look. Ensuring your shoes are always in good condition and are well polished is a significant practice in bringing together your professional look. For ladies, if you wear heels that are too high, you will most likely walk with difficulty and you will strain to get a good posture. Wear shoes that are well kept, well maintained and give you comfort.


  1. Do not apply cologne or perfumes that are too strong.

It is important for you to smell nice and a good fragrance is a good investment to achieve this goal. However, there are perfumes that are very strong and can be very pungent to some people around you. When you choose a fragrance that is mild and not too strong, you will be releasing a scent that is pleasing and not overwhelming to the people around you. You can ask the opinion of someone you trust regarding your fragrance.

  1. Make sure your hair is dry and well kept.

For ladies, presenting yourself with hair that is wet gives the impression that you are disorganized and do not pay keen attention to your grooming. For men, having hair that is unkempt will result in people being unwilling to take you seriously. It is important that you also identify the appropriate hairstyles that are allowed in your work place; follow the guidelines that are outlined in the code of conduct in your contract.

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