How To Find The Best Staff For Your Hospitality Business In Ireland

The hospitality industry in Ireland is experiencing an issue with staff shortages. This may be perfect for someone who is looking for a job and has all the relevant skills and experience, but it can be a nightmare for the hospitality manager in Ireland looking to fill key positions in their hotel or catering business.

Do you rely on word-of-mouth or gut feeling to recruit people into the key positions in your company? If so, you could be missing out on the top people for the sake of getting the recruitment process over and done with as quickly as possible. Effective hotel and catering recruitment in ireland depends on a mixture of time, skill, and effort. Are you doing these things to ensure you find the best staff for your hospitality business?

How To Find The Best Staff For Your Hospitality Business In Ireland

Update Your Job Descriptions

You would be surprised how many people in the hospitality industry are relying on out-dated job descriptions or even no job description at all when recruiting. How do you expect to get the right person for the job when you are not entirely sure who the right person should be? Make sure that your job descriptions are current and match the requirements for the position as it currently stands, and refer to a job description when making a short list and when interviewing.

Check Your Interview Questions

It is easy to rely on a standard set of questions from the internet in order to assess the best candidate for the job. But are you actually happy with what you find out from the answers to these questions? Do you need to be more specific? Are your questions targeting the elements of the job description that are most important to you? Every role requires a slightly different emphasis and will therefore need tailored questions to weed out the best people for that particular job.

Network within the Hospitality Recruitment Industry

Hiring can take time and it often takes the right person to be able to offer a set of excellent candidates in order to make your life easier. Network with culinary schools, recruitment agencies, and other professional institutions so you can find people who are recommended, without having to advertise.

Promote Internally

You do not always have to recruit from outside the company. There may be the perfect person for the job who is otherwise overlooked because you are convinced you need to look further afield. People promoted from within tend to be more loyal and hardworking, and are often more passionate about the job. OF course, this may not always be possible and in which case you should investigate the best recruitment agencies and online job sites to make your external advertisement postings.

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