Keeping Expensive Equipment Safe During Office Removals

While planning office removals you must pay special attention to your office equipment. This includes any technical equipment, gadgets and appliances that you might have around the office. Office equipment typically tends to be costly, and is both difficult and expensive to repair or replace. So, you need to be doubly careful and make sure you hire only the best office removal companies for the job. In this article we have some useful advice on how to keep valuable equipment safe during office removals and what you can do to minimise the risks.

A lot of furniture, equipment and appliances around the office are made up of smaller parts, which can be disassembled. Taking these apart and putting them back together later is advised because it often helps reduce the amount of space each item will take up in the moving trucks and it makes sure each individual unit is safely packed, instead of clattering around inside while the moving trucks are on the road. However, don’t go rushing to disassemble everything just yet. It is very important that you only let the professional packers London disassemble everything and later install it at the new office. Professional removal company Chiswick have the experience necessary for taking apart expensive equipment safely and then reinstalling it properly.

Keeping Expensive Equipment Safe During Office Removals

It is also important that the office removals team you hire should be familiar with the make and model of the equipment in your office. Whether it is your computer or the Photostat machine or projector from the meeting room, the office removals specialists should be able to disassemble, pack and load everything with ease and efficiency. This is only possible with those office removal companies in London that have satisfactorily completed several office removals projects and are known for

Another thing you must take into consideration is that most office equipment is too big to fit into regular moving boxes. Things like faxing machines, photocopying machines, office appliances etc. will not fit into most regular packing boxes. You should plan ahead and order large and extra-large moving boxes for equipment that is big and heavy. If you’re working with reputed officer movers London you can request them to bring along the appropriate packing supplies. Another great way around this problem is to hold on to the original packaging in which your equipment was delivered to the office. This involves some foresight and storage but if you have managed to keep the original containers and boxes, there’s nothing like it.

A crucial element of keeping expensive equipment safe during office removals is to protect it from theft. You would be alarmed to learn that there are numerous removals firms that are just fronts for scams. Since office equipment, furniture and supplies are expensive and contain sensitive information you must do all you can to safeguard them from falling into the wrong hands. The only way to do so is to work with packers & movers that are known for their dependability, integrity and honesty. You must first find out what the laws for registration and certification in your state are and you should make sure that any removals companies you might be considering comply with all the laws. The only way you can protect yourself against theft and fraud is to work with well-known moving companies UK. Also, ask the removals team if they provide an insurance cover for office removals and if not, if they are comfortable with you purchasing an insurance cover from an external provider.