Kurtis: Traditional way to keep up with fashion

The most important factor in the fashion industry is to keep up with the altering trends in the industry.Among the extensive collection of latest and trendy women apparel available these days, Kurti has become a rage among women not just in India but also around the globe. Due to the tight competition in the fashion industry, lot of changes are made to the traditional style and design that was used in the kurti. Its demand has risen more than the expectations in the last few years. Kurtis were traditionally worn with paijama, churidar or salwar but nowdays they are even worn with jeans to give a Indo-western look.

Every woman looks gorgeous while wearing short Kurtis irrespective of her bodyshape and height. One of the best thing about short kurtis is that while they keep up with the ethnic attire that can never go wrong for any occasion.

Now one interesting thing about kurti ia that every region of India has its own version of kurti, each varying in length and style. For instance, the Kurti is short cotton waist in the Punjab region.The Kurti can also be half or full sleeve and hip length and without front or back opening.The Kurti of South Punjab is known, Saraiki Kurti. The Kurtis that are available and made in Uttar Pradesh is a kind of short blouse.Kurti in Gujarat and Kathiawar falls just below the waist.The style that used in Lucknowi kurti is an overlapping panel style.However, the term Lucknowi kurti now used to the straight cut kurti embroidered using local Chikan embroidery. Styles of kurti peculiar to Delhi admit the wooden buttoned kurti and a kurti heavily loaded with embroidery.Sindhi Kurti are the traditional straight cut variety, but they use the local patterns to embroider the kurti and also makes use of small mirrors. Here you will also made that are made with thick material, which is available locally and is known as rilli, and the kurtis are often called rilli kurti.

The most commonly used fabric in kurti are cotton, thin silk or a mix of both for the summer season and in the winter season, the kurtis are made of materials like wool, khadi and thick silk. Today, you will find designers that use all kinds of fabric such as rayon, brocade, georgette, crepe, linen and many more. The best part about kurtis is that you can there are some many designs of kurtis that findind one to suit your budget or the ocassion is not a difficult task. Some kurtis are printed, while others have embroidery so, choose as per you liking.

Nowadays, the ordinary shops are invaded by the e-commerce sites. The e-stores offers huge discount and variety of deals that makes your kurtis purchase a fruitful affair. Therefore, you need not go anywhere to buy kurti. Just sit and relax and get your favourite style of kurti delivered at your doorstep within few days.

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