Mohamed Hamdoun: A Story Of Passion and Dedication

Passionate and dedicated. These are the qualities Mohamed Hamdoun possess. Started as a blue collar worker, he strived hard to reach the pinnacle of his success. I had the privilege to interview a humble leader that runs Archistyle & Design.

In my one on one interview with him, I was in awe and learned a lot from this simple architect. His love for his job was beyond compare. His great mind and innovative skills sets him out from the rest of architects across the globe. He gained a lot of respect from his subordinates by his excellent quality of workmanship towards them. “I have been in their shoes and I know that each and every worker must be respected and valued for them to give their one hundred percent in every job assigned to them.”, said Mohamed Hamdoun. “I motivate and encourage them to not just work for money but for their family”, he added.

He also is a family man with two daughters and a son. He spends quality time every Sunday with his family. “I love my family. They are the ones giving me the inspiration and the ideas for my architectural designs. This company would never be built without the love and support from my family,” stated by Mohamed Hamdoun.

His company started from a small office with him and his two friends. Envisioning a world class company, he pursued his love for architectural designs. He studied at American University of Beirut where he excelled at the top of his class. After graduation, he entered an architectural firm and started as a draftsman. With two years of experience, he decided to make his own firm.  “It was not an easy task. My company started small and had to compete with bigger and popular companies. I had to advertise my company and even had to knock from door to another just to get clients,” said Haudon.

He got his big break when he designed a commercial building. He always hoped for a project that will stir things up and will change the course of his career. This commercial building is situated in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon.  With his unique and innovative designs, clients came one after the other.

“No matter how small or big a project is, I always see to it that I provide the best quality of designs my clients envisioned. I ask a lot of questions before designing the project. I make sure that their dream house or building is met. I give them suggestions and alternatives. I collaborate with my clients. I am open for suggestions and even require them to provide feedbacks to my design. By collaborating with my clients, I am certain that the outcome of my design is what they envisioned and hoped for.”, said Hamdoun.

My interview with Mohamed Hamdoun was a privilege and an inspiration to me. Passion, dedication, humility and respect for individuals are the formulas for success according to him. As long as we are passionate and dedicated to any work we have, we will definitely achieve our goals and dreams in life.

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