My Success Story on How I Completed my Master’s Degree in Germany – Feel Inspired!

You must have heard about how students have been asked about their journey to pay off their master’s course and asked to share their experience on whether or not taking out a loan would be beneficial for them in any sense. Would taking out a postgraduate loan assist you in completing your studies or could you be able to make the most out of a part-time post graduation course from an open university? These are the few common questions that you must have heard being asked to students who are looking forward to building a brighter future.

As per the norms of the nation, the only way in which I could fund my post-graduate master’s degree course was through a scholarship scheme or through a university bursary. One more option was to opt for a career development loan where the money has to be paid lack soon after I complete the course. Amidst all this, I shifted to Germany before which I had already started preparing myself for the move by learning the German language. Either way, one has to be fluent in German to stay in the country.

Though I had heard about the online institutions like which work their best in order to train the leading professionals of the world, yet I wished to complete my master’s from Germany due to the spark that is provided by the nation and the immense sense of creativity that the country harbors. As we know that studies are dependent on time, you will have lots of choice to choose the subject which actually works for you. Here are few reasons behind choosing Germany as the place to complete my master’s degree.

  • There were no tuition costs in Germany’s public universities and the students are literally given education free of cost. Moreover, the higher education of Germany comprised of 400 institutions which were categorized into public and private institutions. For the international students, prices of living in Germany and studying here are perfectly suitable. So, it was suitable and appropriate for me as well. I used to spend my leisure time with my students as the living conditions were extremely affordable for us.
  • For majority of the international students like me who are studying in Germany, the best option is to watch out for a job in order to support your own expenses. However, you have to apply for a work permit in case you’re planning to work for more than the student hours that are allowed. The universities in Germany which are practice-oriented have got negotiations with the best companies so as to offer them internship to the students. This leads to a greater future for the students post graduation. Germany is also on the top of the list for being the most technological and industrial nations in the world.

Therefore, in the near future, I would like to work as a lawyer and that is what I’m learning on these days. The courses are indeed practical and the direct experience of projects makes one even hands-on on the subject.

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