Positive Workplace: Benefits Of “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”

Owning a pet is not only good to have a companion at home who will be happy to see you no matter what, but also, pets help you relax and reduce stress levels significantly. And why not step up the game? Instead of waiting to get home so you can cuddle your problems away with your little furry friend, bring your pet to work.

You will brighten everyone’s mood and you will decrease tensions and stress levels throughout the office. The benefits you enjoy at home could be also enjoyed at the workplace too. But before doing something as drastic as bringing your own pet, it is first important to check with your supervisor if something like that is possible.

Positive Workplace: Benefits Of "Bring Your Dog To Work Day"

Increase Trust

Bringing a pet to work, or even having an office pet, will increase the trust and collaboration between the employees. Dogs for example are great mediators and they are great at bridging communication in a way to make every deal come to a conclusion. Moreover, by increasing the trust employees put into each other, dogs are great for increasing productivity and efficiency at the workplace.

Bring a dog to a meeting and your small pet is sure to make employees trust and respect each other more. Furthermore, when a dog is present, it will cause employees to be more ready for collaboration and mutual benefited partnerships.

Improved Presence

Positive Workplace: Benefits Of "Bring Your Dog To Work Day"

Although it needs more research, but bringing a pet to work will increase the number of employees present at work, there will be less absenteeism. Not only that, but when you have a short break, you can go and have some relaxing fun with your little friend; it will help you survive the long and tedious work day.

Walk the Dog

Wellness is required not only for pets to be fit, but also for the employees, and why not kill two birds with one stone, while walking the dog, it is possible to hold even meetings. It will enable the parties to be more creative, collaborative and ready for teamwork leading to an agreement in the end.

If the meeting is a success, make sure to reward your office dog with a tasty bite from the Optimum dog food line. These dog food products are not only good for the dog’s health but they are a great way of saying thank you to them.

Health Benefits

Overall, a pet being present at work is a great way to improve health and reduce health-related stress levels. Moreover, dogs are naturally great at lifting the mood of people and cheering them up if they feel down for some reason. And when going for a walk, dogs are helping us get out of the workplace for some fresh air, while working on staying healthy.

However, do not forget about the pet’s health either, they will need more than just love to survive; to involve workplace, designate who will do what for the workplace pet to be happy too.