Random Number Generators and The Online Casino Industry

It’s difficult to estimate exactly how many online casinos are in existence, and of that number, how many are legitimate and above-board. The one thing that is known for certain is that amount fluctuates, but is growing. It’s quite a remarkable industry which has shown enormous growth in both income and popularity. Irrespective of its growth, the public still have questions with regards to credibility and trustworthiness. There are many above-board, top class casinos, but as with anything in life, concern can arise when you don’t have all the facts in front of you. To abate these fears one needs to understand what keeps the casino games you’re playing fair and unbiased.

Random Number Generators and The Online Casino Industry

Random Number Generators

Probably the most important factor is the Random Number Generator (RNG). Without true randomness, nothing would be completely fair. It is the randomness that ensures you stand a chance of winning and that the odds aren’t stacked against you in favour of the house. The RNG works by creating complicated algorithms which aren’t swayed by any external factors.

Is it really as random as they say it is?

Using any Random Number Generator simply isn’t good enough. It needs to be tested and be awarded the eCOGRA seal of approval. This test isn’t a one-off occurrence. Tests and audits are performed at regular intervals with stringent criteria which needs to be met.

The introduction of RGN’s

The traditional slot machines, which were originally found in land-based casinos, worked on the simple principal of the internal reels spinning freely each time the handle was pulled. The brakes would be then activated when the handle returned to its original position. At that, the reels would stop spinning one after the other creating a very random result, spin after spin after spin.

With the introduction of digital slot machines, computerisation became responsible for the randomisation of the result, and with no physical input, other than that of pressing a button, players were unsure as to whether the digital reels were really falling in place or simply pumping out a predetermined result – hence the need for a programme which would ensure fair play 100% of the time.

As previously mentioned, having an RNG present is only one factor. The following testing is also performed on a regular basis:

  • Thorough testing of the Random Number Generator
  • Maths and game evaluations
  • Verification of game payouts
  • Game system audits
  • Penetration testing
  • All round general security testing

Random Number Generators and The Online Casino Industry

Other measures which online casinos implement to make sure that their casino games are secure:

  • Making use of trusted payment vendors
  • Keeping their accreditation and licencing up to date with the gaming authorities.
  • Making use of a secure connection. (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard security technology which creates an encrypted link between the web server and the web browser. Other trusted methods such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) may be used.)

While top casinos do their very best to make sure that you have a positive experience and are treated fairly, remember that it’s your responsibility to make an informed choice.

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