Removing Beehives in Your Home by Hiring Good Beekeeping Services

Removing beehives from your home or garden is a tricky process. You cannot just confront the bees and remove the hive. You will not only get your hands sticky, but there are chances of getting stung by a swarm of bees.

Removing Beehives in Your Home by Hiring Good Beekeeping Services

Probability of Getting Stung

Bees will not give you an invitation that they are going to sting you now. If you have small kids or pets, they might accidently throw stones or dig the nesting ground of the bees. This can make the bees aggressive as they might feel a threat to their hives and they might launch an attack.

When we adults cannot bear the pain of bee stings, imagine the plight of your kid or the pet. If the beehive is located inside the crevices of the wall or any building structure, you definitely have a serious situation.

Day in and day out, you will have this unwanted visitors plaguing your home. To top it up, the irritating buzzing noise. In such situations, you need to call up your nearby beekeeping services and ask for their advice. Depending on the situation, they might advise you the best treatment plan.

You need to be calm and patient until help arrives. Keep your kids and pets away from the area. Take precautionary measures such as wear neutral colored clothes, preferably long clothed, and footwear. The best way is to completely ignore their presence in your home.

Bringing in the Professionals

If you just want to remove the hive, without causing any harm to the bees, you can call the beekeepers. One good company that offers effective and efficient solutions in beekeeping is BeeBusters. You can log onto to get a brief idea of the solutions they offer.

A beekeeper will:

  • Assess the situation
  • Extract the bee and the honeycomb
  • Put them in a separate container and take them to a apiary to collect honey

In some cases, where the beehive is located in the roof, or inside pillars or walls, you might need to call in exterminators or pest control.

An exterminator will:

  • Identify the insect whether it is a bee, wasp or yellow jackets and suggest a treatment plan accordingly
  • If the hive is located inside a structure, they will pinpoint the location and remove that part of the wall
  • They will make use of the latest equipment and chemicals to flush out the bees
  • When the bees have been killed, they will extract the hive and clean and repaint the area in order to discourage pests or bees from re entering

Bees in Your Garden

If you are dealing with a small swarm of bees, then you can try extracting the hive yourself. If the hive is located inside the treehouse or a particular plant, you can spray that area using pesticides and extract the hive.

Ensure that you wear protective gear while doing so. Another option would be to flush out the bees by using smoke and relocating the empty beehive to a safe location.


Keep your surroundings neat and tidy in order to avoid further bee infestation. Ensure you do a pest control twice a year to avoid such instances.

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