SelectingThe Right SEO Package For Your Industry

Each industry requires a different package and approach to achieve high search engine positioning, but which SEO package is best suited for your business and industry? In this post I will give you some indication on what package is best suited for your business and industry along with roughly how much you should be paying each month to coincide with how many hours of work is required.

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Local SEO Package

Google search results depend on the users location and their search query. If a user is based in Derby and searches Google for ‘plumbers’, the results that will be displayed will be for local plumbers in the Derby area. These results would change if you use the same search query but you are based in a different location. This means your SEO package needs to adapt to the users search query and their location.

Local SEO is a lot easier and cheaper to achieve high search engine rankings apposed to national SEO. This is due to the amount of local competition for your keywords than national competition. If you are only operating in a specific location then you only need a local SEO package for your business.

As mentioned, local SEO is a lot easier to achieve top rankings, if done correctly. From my experience you roughly need to create 2 relevant, high quality backlinks and write 2 high quality blog posts per week. Along with submitting a Google+ location, this should take 2-3 months to achieve spending 3-4 hours per week. The industry average costs around £15 per hour.

16 hours SEO work per month x £15 per hour = £240 per month for a local SEO package.

National SEO Package

National SEO requires a lot more work than local SEO due to the amount of competition for national keywords. An SEO company needs to research both local keywords and national keywords that do not trigger the local search query in Google. These national keywords can drive 1000’s of weekly visitors to your website but its just as important to capture all your local traffic as well. This usually means at least doubling the workload to achieve this.

32 hours SEO work per month x £15 per hour = £480 per month for a national SEO package.

Niche SEO Packages

There are a handful of SEO companies that offer niche SEO packages at a lower monthly cost. These packages are hard to find but a worth it as they are little gems. If we take the beauty industry as the niche SEO package a company offers you will find their rates are a lot cheaper than stated above. This is because they have a large list of resources for beauty websites and blogs where they can publish a high quality blog post containing your backlink. Sourcing high quality websites for backlinks is the biggest time consuming job, therefore the most costly element. If they have the right resources available on tap, the cost will drop and the results when occur a lot quicker.

8 hours SEO work per month x £15 per hour = £120 per month for a local SEO package.

As you can see the amount of hours spent on your SEO has considerably dropped, but this does not mean the quality or the end results will drop, if anything, the quality and results will be far greater due to the exact resources the SEO company have thats suited to your industry. This is why it’s so important to spend that extra time researching whats available to you as you can save a wad of cash and have your rankings and web traffic happen a lot quicker.

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