The Free Brochure On The E2F1 Antibody In The Elisa Test

The future can only get brighter for patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases such as cancer, HIV, Lyme disease and Rotavirus. This is due to the advent of precise diagnostic tools that promise to revolutionize the early detection and subsequent treatment of these diseases.

These testing procedures are inventive and quite innovative in that they search for the signature presence of certain bio-chemicals in the blood of test subjects to determine the presence and severity of the disease in the patient. Additionally, these novel procedures are cost-friendly as they are not dependent on the use of expensive radioisotopes.

The E2F1 Antibody Marker

Antibodies are special proteins that your body produces as a natural response to antigens, where antigens are defined as toxins or foreign substances that induce an immune response in your body.  The E2F1 is one such antibody that is useful as a marker or indicator of the presence of various types of cancer.

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The EF21 antibody is a synthetic peptide, special protein, of the naturally produced human E2F1, with the host being rabbits, mice and humans. The E2F family of peptides plays a critical role in the control of the cell cycle and action of tumor suppressor proteins. It is also a primary target of the transforming proteins of minute DNA tumor viruses.

The Basics of the ELISA Test

Biologically, the E2F1 antibody is useful for the transcription, regulation of cell cycle, DNA damage response and forebrain development. Therefore, it is an important marker useful in the diagnosis of diseases that affect the aforementioned parts of your body.

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test, better known as the ELISA test, is a test that detects and quantifies antibodies in your blood. This test is useful in determining if you have antibodies that relate to certain infections, e.g. cancer. The results of this test depend on the specific antibody, such as the E2F1 Antibody, which will help to determine the presence and severity of a particular disease, in this case carcinogenic tumors.

The ELISA Test in a Nutshell

  • It is a screening test that is ordered prior to conducting more extensive, specialized tests.
  • It is usually recommended by a physician if you are displaying symptoms of a particular condition or if he needs to rule out that condition.
  • The test involves the extraction of a blood sample from you using a needle and a syringe.
  • The blood will be sent to a laboratory for analysis.
  • The laboratory test will involve mixing your blood sample with the E2F1 antibody and a biological catalyst, enzyme.
  • If you suffer from the condition under investigation, the above components- blood, antibody and catalyst- will bind and change color.
  • The color change will determine the presence and amount of antibody, which will indirectly measure the level and severity of infection.

Why You Should Consider the ELISA Test

The importance of the ELISA test to your health cannot be gainsaid. It is a safe, inexpensive and relatively painless procedure that is useful in diagnosing a myriad number of life threatening diseases. The early detection of these diseases is important in starting the adequate treatment and curtailing their impact on your health.

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