The Top 10 Reasons To Obtain Lone Worker Security Solutions from SoloProtect

SoloProtect is one of the leading companies in the UK and the US that offer many different solutions for lone worker safety and security. Many companies have obtained lone worker security solutions from SoloProtect simply because they’re considered to be among the best in the industry.

The Top 10 Reasons To Obtain Lone Worker Security Solutions from SoloProtect

If you have workers spending a significant time working alone, then you need to make sure that you provide them with the best possible security you can provide. Here are some reasons why you should really consider SoloProtect solutions:

    1. There are simply too many risks. Workers can get attacked, if your business involves having workers interact with the public while they’re alone. But they can also get sick, and if they get a heart attack they may not get the help they need in time. The same is true if they get into an accident.
    2. You have several SoloProtect solutions to choose from. It’s not really ideal to obtain some sort of generic good-for-all solution to protect your workers. It’s better to have several possible solutions to choose from, so you will only have to pay for features that you actually need. You can customize the safety features to fit the risk profile for your workers.
    3. Your lone workers have many different ways to ask for help. These can involve their smartphones, but that’s not all. They may instead wear ID badges that offer discreet communication, so a single push of a button may be enough to send a distress signal. If the ID is removed, then a red alert can even be automatically sent to the monitoring center.
    4. Different alert levels. Instead of a red alert, it’s possible for workers to send an amber alert instead. This is a voice message service that enables the user to leave information just in case something bad happens. For example, a security guard can leave a message saying that he thought he heard a noise in a particular room and that he will check it out.
    5. Even not moving can trigger an alert. This alert can be triggered if the user didn’t move for a couple of minutes and the security device is tilted a certain way. The device can assume that the user has fallen and is unable to call for help.
    6. GPS functionality is also very accurate. Various lone worker security options from SoloProtect use very accurate GPS, and it also doesn’t take as much time you get an accurate fix on a position.
    7. SoloProtect is recognized by the UK police. Some of their solutions, such as the Identicom option, has been officially hailed as a dependable tool in reducing crime against solitary workers. The company’s monitoring center can place an emergency call directly into the Police Force control center. These calls get a “Level One-Priority” response, so the assistance is immediate.
    8. It’s made in the UK. Everything’s been manufactured and designed in the UK, and that means the highest standard of performance and quality. Now it also delivers security solutions for clients in the US, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
    9. They practice excellent cyber security. Your data will be protected against hackers. Hackers can be terribly disruptive, and they may be able to disrupt the GPS services without proper cyber security. Other hackers may also hijack the GPS features so they can find out the current locations of all your lone workers.
    10. They’ve been in the business since 2003. They know what works and what doesn’t.

Simply put, you need proper security for your solitary workers, and you should get the best. For many all over North America and Europe, that’s SoloProtect.

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