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Working in an office is usually seen as a monotonous and soul-crushing experience but it doesn’t always have to be! If you search the internet, you will find several posts which offer you suggestions on the things that every office employee should keep on their desk. Once you go through them, you’re actually going to get the best ideas. If you can make your office furniture interesting and attractive, you’ll never feel monotonous and boring sitting on it for 10 long hours. Furniture At Work have a wide range of office desks and chairs to choose from.

There are several things that you can keep around your office desk and that can boost your productivity as well. What are the few things that you should always keep at your office desk? Here are some of the best ideas.

  • Notepads and sticky notes: It is almost physically impossible to remember everything! Regardless of what job you do, you will come across several things that you have to keep in mind at the same time. What is the best way out for remembering things? You should keep a notepad or sticky notes handy so that you can scribble things which might slip off your mind. Take it out every morning and check whether everything is done.
  • Tissues and sanitizers: It can’t be denied that there are germs all around and someone who doesn’t want to become victims of germs should keep tissues and sanitizers on the office desk. Use theme everytime you take a snack break as this will help you stay away from flu and cold.
  • Water bottle: There are many instances when you tend to get too much tied up with work and this is when you forget the basic requirements of your body. The first thing that you forget about is to drink water. This is why it is better to keep a bottle in front of yourself so that you can remind yourself to stay hydrated.
  • Calendar: You may miss out on an important date on which you have set an appointment with your boss or you have to meet a deadline by that date. Keep a calendar on your desk as this will let you plan and prioritise things as per your schedule. Though there are digital calendars available everywhere, nothing matches the essence of a colorful calendar.
  • Powerbanks and chargers: We can’t deny the fact that chargers are our lifelines. Can you imagine all your electronic devices and gadgets on your desk without any charge? Our world literally keeps revolving around such devices and hence it is handy enough to keep a charger or a powerbank on your desk.
  • Mouth fresheners: Are you a smoker? If yes, you should try to quit this habit but meanwhile you can use mouth fresheners or chewing gums to let go of the bad smell.

So, now that you know the different things that you can keep on your office desk, you can start accumulating them and keeping them one by one to make your workplace a better place to work in.

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