Tips For Making Connections At A Job Fair

Job fairs presents an exceptional opportunity to meet new contacts, familiarize yourself with the various competitions and talk to people who work in industries that interest you opportunity. You will have the opportunity to learn about the criteria of hiring different companies and understand the current job market. Job fairs are also an ideal place to start building your professional network, apply for jobs and set interviews instead.

Advanced Research

If present companies in the job fair on which you would like to know more, take your time to find out about them before the event. Visit the corporate web pages and read about the history and major products and services of each company. Maybe you can find job vacancies during your research. This preparation can help you make a good first impression to company representatives to meet in the job fair.

Go Prepared

Dress a professional outfit for the job fair and be prepared several copies of your resume. Even if you end up just college, you can mention part-time jobs, internships, voluntary and academic activities and educational credentials. Includes contact information so that potential employers can contact you if you are interested in scheduling an interview.

Tips For Making Connections At A Job Fair

Be Proactive

Examine the design of the job fair and identifies the companies with which you want to connect. Put them first on your priority list and takes the initiative to introduce the company representative with a handshake. Ask questions about the company and shows a real interest. Discuss your career objectives and questions about job opportunities in the company.

Focus on Appropriate Topics

When you talk to different employers and representatives of the company, speaks only of labor issues and maintain a professional demeanor. Do not ask immediately on wages and benefits and do not talk negatively about the competence of the company. Instead, focus on the features that you think make you a qualified for the position, as your education, training, employment history, industry knowledge and interpersonal skills candidate.

Follow Up

Always request a card of the people you talk to the job fair. Send everyone a brief thank you email after the event as a reminder of who you are and what spoke to consolidate the relationship with that person and that, in future, be transformed into a work contact. Save the card for future reference; even if you do not communicate immediately after the show, stay in touch with the people you think might help you in your future career.