Top Career Choices For The Geniuses Amongst Us

Levels of genius, or at least intellect, used to measure with an IQ test, this test doesn’t quite hold as much weight as it used to but thankfully schools are filled with smart teachers who are able to spot those with very high intelligence or those who could be considered a genius. When we have a  genius on our hands as teachers, it can be difficult to know what to do with them, on the one hand you want to nurture and challenge their outstanding minds and on the other they should still be entitled to a normal way of life, something that raises them up to years above them may spoil.

When it comes to career choices for these masterminds it can also be a difficult area to advise them on as they will have so many options in front of them. It will be important at this stage that you help in assessing other skills, attracts and likes and dislikes that the student has in order to point them towards a flourishing career. If you have a genius on your hands then here are just some of the high-brow job positions that you could point them towards.


Becoming a doctor is difficult enough and requires an incredibly high level of intelligence, a position that requires even more is that of a neurosurgeon. The best neurosurgeons in the World, people like Dr. Joseph Yazdi, have an incredible ability to understand the workings of the human brain and the central nervous system, highly technical and specific information which they must use on a daily basis. Mistakes do not exist in a neurosurgeons world and many of the World’s leading surgeons were once upon a time considered geniuses.


Top Career Choices For The Geniuses Amongst Us

This incredible form of engineering tests even the greatest human minds to combine chemicals to create something new and worthwhile. This could be anything from a cure for cancer to a fuel which doesn’t release harmful carbon emissions. In biochemistry you will be dealing in high frequency math and incredibly fine levels of details along with long chemical formulas.


For tons children who have a knack for economics, trading could be a great route for them to go down. Geniuses of this world are able to process huge amounts of data and make smart analysis based on the information given. For this reason their ability to forecast the price of the market will be far more accurate than the average person and this could prove to be very lucrative for themselves and their clients.

These are just some of the options that you could point your student towards, the key for them in finding success is that they do something that makes them happy, the same advice as you would give to any other student. If you feel that your student is incredibly special then you should help to push them into a direction where they will be tested and can thrive, the World would be a darker place if all the geniuses worked as binmen.

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