Top Tips to Improve Staff Morale, Motivation and Performance Quickly

Staff morale, motivation and performance are all intertwined. Any tips and tricks to boost staff motivation will ultimately improve staff performance and vice-versa. Why? Simple. Who wants to work when they feel miserable? A pretty simple point that the corporate world are finally waking up to. Happy staff means a plethora of bonuses; huge savings, improved performance, bigger profits, stronger teams, better growth and guaranteed longevity. So how do you motivate staff? What the best ways to increase staff morale and implement rewards that work? Here are the best top tips to increase staff morale, motivation and performance quickly.

When it comes to improving staff morale, motivation and performance, you need results fast. Staff morale alone, is arguably the biggest factor that can make or break your business. Even if you have the best product or business model in the world, if you can’t keep your staff, recruit talented employees, motivate your team or inspire your workers to give their best, then your business is ultimately doomed to failure. So use these top tip and tricks to keep your staff motivated, happy and delivering the results you need;

  • A place that they want to be: No-one finds it easy to get up when the alarm goes off. Make your office a place that employees want to be. Research shows that the simplest touches, like Fruitful Office’s fresh fruit boxes, comfortable chairs, gorgeous plants, proper lighting, efficient temperature control and a clean, clutter-free office will make a huge difference to how your employees feel about the prospect of another day in the office
  • Recognise achievement: No matter how old we are, we all like a pat on the back. It makes us feel valued, recognised and appreciated. Reward and motivate staff achievements with reward schemes such as team nights out for high performing teams, share option initiatives and bonus packages.
  • Two-way communication: Strong communication is your superpower, but it must be a two-way street. As well as being highly visible, ensure that you keep as many communication channels open as possible. Kick off the week with a team meeting where all opinions are valid, send regular emails to staff and invite anonymous feedback through tools like response boxes and team days. Listen to the structures that employees need such as flexible working, time to work on innovative personal projects that will feed back into business growth or a few hours off to attend local community projects.

With these simple, proven strategies, you can quickly build a motivated, committed and high-performing team.

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