Travel And Self Storage – Why The Two Go Hand In Hand

We all dream of packing up, hitting the road and travelling around the world for a year, and whilst some of us will take the opportunity when we are younger with no ties, no commitments, no properties and very few possessions that cannot be left with mum and dad, if we reach our later years and decide we want to live the dream, things are often fare more difficult and challenging.

When students decide to take a gap year and head off to unknown climates and places, they can often leave their possessions with their parents and not worry, as few of us own a whole household worth of furniture when we are that young. Therefore travelling when you have few things to consider is always a great time to do it, but if you cannot afford to or are simply not in a position to do it at a younger age, then you may find yourself only being ready to pack your bags and head to the airport when you are much older.

But, when you are older you of course often have far more things to worry about. From your home that you are leaving behind through to the kids that although grown up are still a worry, travelling at an older age, especially for a long stretch of time is a very big consideration. Although self storage cannot help you with the worry of the children and grandchildren you are leaving behind, it can help you to remove some of the other worries.

We spoke to the team at Thornbury Self Storage about how their customers that travel on a long term basis really do benefit from a storage unit at their facility.

Free Your Property

If you own a property then the last thing you want to do is leave it empty for a year, as not only is this a security risk but it can often be a money eater as well, especially if you have a mortgage that still needs paying, not to mention all the bills of course. Therefore by placing all of your possessions into self storage for a year will allow you to rent the property out, which not only means that the finances are sorted but that your house will not be empty, which in this day and age really can be a huge problem. Many mortgage providers offer a consent to let, allowing you to rent your property on a short term basis, and many home insurance providers are also ok with this as long as you notify them in advance.

Travel And Self Storage – Why The Two Go Hand In Hand

Secure Your Possessions

Leaving all your possessions in an empty property is often a huge risk, and on top of this can also pose problems with your home insurance which often insists that someone is in the property for at least one night a month. Once your home is empty for a few months it really does become obvious, especially if you are also broadcasting your travels on social media, and this of course makes your property an easy target. A self storage facility offers a massive level of protection and security, as most offer CCTV, alarmed units, border fences and onsite security, meaning your possessions will be far safer in a self storage unit than left at home alone for a year.

Time To Decide

Self storage gives you the time to decide what you want to do. You might decide to extend your travels, you might even decide that you are moving away for good, and if your items are stored away then you are in control and can take your time when deciding what to take with you or what to give away or bin. And, if you are selling up and heading off for new beginnings, it also means you can sell the house quickly and then worry about your furniture and other items at a later date.

Remove The Stress And Worry

Our final point when it comes to travel and self storage is that it simply just removes the stress and worry when it comes to travelling. You know your possessions are secure, looked after and ready for you if you need them and you know your property is much less of a target without your valuables being left in it. And on top of this, you can relax and just enjoy yourself, as we say, a storage unit cannot remove all your worries but it most certainly can get rid of some of them!

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