What Are The Most Popular Online Marketing Opportunities Of 2017

As we all can imagine, the online industry never sleeps and never ceases to innovate. It’s only natural that we are thinking of all the possible changes that are waiting for us this year and what’s the best way to prepare for them.

The marketing portion of the industry is certainly one of the ever changing fields and it is being run by people who embrace new trends and try to develop them before any possible competitors do.

Whichever is the niche you found yourself in, these 2017 trends are definitely something you should consider implementing if you wish to keep going strong.

What Are The Most Popular Online Marketing Opportunities Of 2017

Mobile marketing development

In the last few years, we have seen more and more companies implement a mobile web design template. However, it’s growth has somewhat stagnated it seems.

However, there are certain indicators that show businesses would definitely benefit from optimizing their marketing content for mobile marketing.

It is obvious that there are certain technical aspects in question when it comes to mobile conversions, such as the question of resolution on high-resolution devices and there is always the issue of loading times and unresponsiveness.

But, looking at customer experience and preferences, we see that there are often a few devices in ‘play’, not just a mobile phone or just a desktop. So what we need to take out from that is focusing on mobile marketing as a part of a multi-platform system.

This is especially important for online advertising in the financial industry. Seeing that more and more trading is now done online, forexandotheronline tradingbrokeragescan potentially be a great source of income for affiliate marketers who are willing to optimize their content for mobile phones and other personal devices.

Live video streaming

Peeking into a real-time world that was previously denied to us as social media users, is definitely something that has caught on like wildfire. Live video streaming has certainly gained momentum but it wasn’t until now that we were able to predict that live video content is something that is taking over other forms of interaction with audiences.

With the constant and never ending improvements to internet speeds, and the development of a multitude of platforms and apps that have implemented a live stream option, there are clear conclusions we can draw from that.

2017 will definitely be a year where social media users will propel live video streaming as a marketing tool into the highest realm of online marketing because of its ability to draw people into the content itself.

Content Marketing based on engagement with audience

This point is directly connected with the previous one we mentioned. As we see an increased need and want of the audience for live video streaming content, it is only natural to conclude that the same audience is craving more engagement with the content itself.

This drive is in connection with technologies that offer virtual reality experiences which have been on the rise recently. Obviously, there are multiple other ways for individuals and companies to provide the type of ‘in the moment’ experience that the audience craves like augmented reality, live webinars and workshops and much more.

Providing engagement is the component that drives people to stay connected to a provided content, especially if it makes them feel as a part of a bigger community.

Obviously, this is only a very short list of the main trends we think that should be of interest to online marketers in 2017. That is to say that there are numerous other trends that are soon going to be exploding into the world of online advertising that it’s only a question of finding and recognizing those that are going to have the greatest and the longest impact. Be smart, keep track of trends and jump on that train!

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