What Can A Water Damage Service Do For Your Home After A Disaster

A good water damage service can help you regain for lost time and resources in a variety of ways. First off comes the evaluation process. This, through the use of different technology, allows for an assessment of the amount of loss sustained as a result of water. Once this investigation is complete, a report on claims is prepared.

Moving on to what they can do for you in the event of an incident, given below are some of their main areas of work.

Water Dam

What Can A Water Damage Service Do For Your Home After A Disaster


Water damage includes any loss incurred via a water invasion. It can be due to leaking plumbing, seepage through walls and so on. Let’s say there was a rain followed by a storm and what not. The water levels went sky high. What follows naturally is a compromise on the integrity of the structure of your house with specific focus on areas such as the roof, adjoining walls and so on.

The company will clean up the water damage by unleashing on it their entire arsenal of tools ranging from a simple scrub to a wet vacuum and going all the way up to a flood pumper, air scrubber and dehumidifier.

Plan of Attack

A water damage service will be responsible for ensuring that your house/ property is brought back to exactly that state which it was in prior to the water damage, be it a flood or a minor leak. While this may sound easy said at the outset, it involves a lot more as water has the property of seeping into any and every surface with an opening. Therefore extensive procedures are adopted to ensure that only is the initial damage contained but also for prevention against any possible secondary outbreaks.


Some standard services which a company will offer include general drying services. These are limited to simply cancel out the drenching effect water has had on an object(s). Next comes disinfecting; this process is an addition to the first service. After drying the object is decontaminated of any bacteria who may have breached it (think waterborne diseases). Moving ahead from primary services brings us to services such as dehumidifier applications, odor removal, complete home cleansing and so on.

Flood Restoration

Flood restoration includes all the works involved in water damage mitigation. Floods require the use of flood pumps to first pump out the influx of water. This is followed by the standard procedures involved in water damage services.


Florida faces not only rains but also floods. Floods can be due to severe storms, blocked drains or even from pipe bursts. Same goes for water damage situations. A good water damage service will have you totally covered on every water related loss. The evaluation phase will help determine the exact extent of the water damage after which the restoration process will start. A little advice: maintain good distance from electrical outlets and keep wounds (if any) away from flood water.

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