What Is Mailmark?

In one sentence:

A Royal Mail service for clients with smart technology franking machines that employs the best pricing tariff and 2 dimension barcodes instead of the crown and die of normal franking.

Any client from small businesses to large corporations are eligible for Mailmark post products but only if they have a smart technology franking machine.

Considerable cost and time savings are made by switching from stamps to franking and more again by embracing smart technology.

As an incentive, business mail services with smart franking machines have VAT reclaim benefits.

What Is Mailmark?

Royal Mail franking machines are authorised by them and they have enforced a rule that states all new franking machines must be smart technology enabled so in theory all customers will be on smart franking machines from now on and the older models will be phased out over time.

Customer feedback on business mail services has stirred Royal Mail in to action and they have spent a vast amount of time and money on revolutionising the way that franked mail works with new technology.

From computer based reporting tools to processing efficiency and visibility, they are continuing to develop all areas.

Mailmark represents the optimum technology, the best tariff and superior service combined.

The crown and die image of standard franking is replaced by two-dimension barcode data on a smart franking machine.

Franked mail is handled in business mail services and the transit of Mailmark post is more efficient with the barcodes that can be read throughout processing by machines.

If there is an issue with an item it will flag up on the Mailmark reporting tool, so if there’s an incorrect or incomplete address the customer is electronically notified so that they are forewarned about a delay which is invaluable in business.

Royal Mail accredited retailers like the long established and highly recommended IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston can advise you on the best smart franking machine and Mailmark post products for your unique company needs.

Below you’ll find a few smart franking machine examples:

FP Postbase Qi3 for low to medium use.

  • A smart technology franking machine.
  • 3” colour operating screen.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Franks up to 30 items of mail per minute.
  • Exact postage every time.
  • A built in 3kg scale.
  • Label dispenser and letter tray.
  • 2 USB ports and 1 LAN/Ethernet port for PC operation.
  • 5 colour choices.

IMS220 for medium use.

  • Smart technology digital franking machine.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Franks up to 45 items of mail per minute.
  • Compact and user friendly.
  • 5kg integrated scale.
  • Differential weighing.
  • Allows customised logos and detailed text messages.
  • Date stamps incoming mail.
  • 1-100 programmable cost centres.

Connect + 2000 for high usage

  • Smart technology franking machine.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Processes up to 180 envelopes per minute.
  • Colour printing – 1200 dpi.
  • 2 inch colour touch screen.
  • Optional 5kg to 35kg weighing platform.
  • 50 Accounts, with up to 500 optional.
  • Online account management facilities.

Mailmark post products could transform your profit and loss columns so investigate them today.

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