When Hiring, Choose The Right Type Of Sales Personality

The most successful sales people tend to do what comes most naturally to them, they’ve mastered their own selling style. That style is further compatible with the culture of the company they work for, as well as the type of product or service they’re advertising. When their approach also clicks with how the company’s clients or customers respond to solicitation, they’re more likely to create revenue.

When Hiring, Choose The Right Type Of Sales Personality

A sales personality is typically comprised of five key traits; they are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and negative emotionality. When companies are hiring new staff, they sometimes don’t realize that, like their product which has its own unique profile, so must the sales team marketing it. Companies must decipher which personalities compliment their product – salespeople can be universally considered extraverted, however if you work in health and wellness for example, conscientiousness might be the more prized trait. This person may also fall into a modest selling style.

To cut through the stereotype, a modest and humble sales personality can have better chances of winning over a particular type of clientele. They also tend to be more team oriented, which may suit a working environment that likes to keep a collective goal in mind. A salesperson who leans towards conscientiousness feels a sense of duty and responsibility for their work, they are able to control their own projects with ease, and are better left to work alone – in an atmosphere where they can feel in control.

If you’re a company that works based off an award system, those who are achievement oriented might suit your organization best. They are able to strategize their sales, focussing less on the details of a product or service and more on the aspects they know will attract their clients.

When recruiting a salesforce, it’s crucial to be aware of which blend of personality traits will help to sell your product or service, nevertheless hiring managers still find themselves making mistakes and choosing ill-fit candidates. In an effort to save time and resources many will choose to conduct comprehensive personality tests such as those available through SalesTestOnline.

A sales profile test online is evidenced to be 90% accurate, and some companies have 30-year track records to ensure dependability — they are able to analyze the right fit for your job, and evaluate candidates based on your company’s own unique criteria. Reporting is also made simple, as you receive an e-mail just minutes after an applicant sends the test in. This way, you’ll never be given a false lead again. If somebody interviews well, but they aren’t suitable for what you need, they’ll automatically be given a lower score – regardless of what’s on their resume.

In the sales world, product knowledge, skills, and education are often poor indicators of whether someone will be successful in making a deal. Rather than taking a hiring risk, consider implementing a personality test as part of your job application. This way, you’ll have a better overall impression of how a candidate will perform long after the interview is over.

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