Why Edible Incentives Are Becoming So Popular

We live in a society where commercial advertisements can be found everywhere. It is on the clothes we wear, from t-shirts, shoes, pants, sweaters, jackets, shorts, underwear, hats, and many more. We see hundreds of not thousands of commercial goods every single day. It can be seen on daily household items, such as cups, lamps, curtains, television sets, and many more items. They are literally everywhere.

However, there still exists a unique concept that has yet to been explored. Imagine advertising on food products known as edible incentives. Think of them asedible promotional items that are different than simply having the packaging of food come with a logo or a brand name, instead the food items are customized with high quality, edible images. Think of cupcake that is topped with an edible image of a company logo. Such products allow your company to make a delicious statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

Branded Logo Cupcakes

People are prone to remember new and unusual items and you have to think outside of the box. Edible incentives will certainly be an effective marketing tool that can be used in client interaction, company events, fundraisers and promotional purposes. We have been seeing this all along our life. You have seen it on a birthday cake with a “Happy Birthday” message, a gift cup with your friends photograph imprinted on it. What has changed is that now is that you can utilize this personal experience to help your marketing and branding goals by spreading some happiness!

Depending on where you live, the number of option you have to choose from will vary. However, there are new and forward thinking companies that specialize in these products, and the number of options are impressive.

For example, Branded Bites is a company in Toronto that has a number of ideas that you can see online, and you won’t believe how good they look! One of their most popular products is branded logo cupcakes, available in numerous flavor options. They can also make a statement at events such as weddings, parties and company functions! While you can’t taste the cupcakes and cookies online, the images are full colour and high quality, allowing you to see how impressive the products are. It’s easier than ever to make a positive impression on potential customers, just think outside of the box the next time you are searching for promotional products.