3 Signs You May Need to Fire an Employee

Running a business of any size means one has a lot on their plate.

With this being the case, one of the tougher thing many business owners end up having to do is fire employees.

Whether a small business or a large one; letting someone go more times than not is not an easy thing.

That said have you had to fire people in the past? If so, how difficult of a thing was it?

Knowing When the Time is Right

If you have not had to fire anyone during your time running a business, would you know when the time to let one go is right?

Among the signs you will have to do this include:

  1. Criminal caseWhen someone is in trouble with the law and works for you, you have to consider releasing them. That said what if you discover someone working for you has an arrest record? Is this something you can move on from and continue letting them stay on the payroll? Yes, they could have been arrested at some point and charged with a misdemeanor. If they have had only one brush with the law and it was a minor offense, you may be willing to look the other way. That said if it something more serious, how comfortable are you having them on your staff? If their work performance has not suffered due to an arrest, you may not be as concerned. That said if it is a recent arrest is impacting their work in one way or another or could in fact do so, you may not be as patient. It is always best to weigh the situation and decide what is in your company’s best interests.
  2. Workplace issues – If your employee is having trouble doing their job, this can be a clear sign it is time to let them go. Yes, you may try your best to give them one chance after another. If they still continue having issues with their position, then you may be left with no choice. Issues at work are not only about performance, but can also include conflicts with others. No matter the situation, you once again must do what is best for business.
  3. Attitude problems – Finally, what to do if your worker has attitude problems? He or she may end up being a real threat to the peace and quiet of your workplace. Like with any performance issues, attitude ones need to be addressed. Your best bet is to sit them down and discuss what is going on. It may be something rather simple to fix. If it more complex than this, you could well be forced with no other choice than to let them go. You do not want a bad attitude permeating around the office.

When you are sensing one may not be a good fit for your business, will you make the difficult decision to send them on their way sooner than later?

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