The Road To A Marketing Career

The world of marketing is a fast-paced, exciting one. At a time when businesses are expected to shout loudly, and with more urgency than ever before, it’s up to the marketing department to ensure that voice is heard – and to maintain consistency across every campaign. A marketing career is one of the most challenging that you could hope to undertake across the world of business. Setting off on the right foot, then, is absolutely essential.

So, what is marketing?

To put it simply, marketing is the implementation of numerous business strategies to bring a product or service to market. The process of marketing involves concept, branding, promotion and aftercare, and just about everything in between. Incorporating market research, brand management, advertising, public relations and the creation of content and media, marketing is the driving force behind many businesses’ success. Indeed, the marketing department is usually a consumer or client’s first point of contact. Those working within the marketing department will be expected to identify and satisfy consumer needs, ensure that their brand is recognizable and relevant, and educate a variety of consumers about the company’s merits and services. Marketing is integral to a business’s ability to sell itself – the heartbeat of a business, if you will.

There are Numerous roles to fulfill within Marketing.

Marketing is an encompassing career, drawing upon numerous skills and abilities across all walks of life. The many roles you could consider include project management and executive positions, research assistant, designer and copywriter, media planner or buyer, public relations officer, sales promotion assistant or digital marketer, and many more careers besides. Those working within marketing are expected to communicate well, and should be able to display digital aptitude, customer service skills and the ability to apply creativity at every level.

Traveling the Road to a Marketing Career.

As you’d expect from a career as competitive as this, the road to a marketing career is often a chaotic one – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to gain and improve your skills. Finding and snaring that dream position within a marketing department usually requires work experience, passion and the ability to add value to any conversation or campaign. Are you prepared to embrace your chosen career and to apply every skill you’ve ever possessed to the chase? If so, you might like to take note of these tips…

Achieve the Right Qualifications

A degree in marketing isn’t always necessary for the job, but the ability to apply yourself at an academic level will always work in your favor – particularly if you’ve taken the time to get to grips with marketing theory, networking opportunities and work experience. A marketing career is a diverse one, which education can enrich and enlighten. What’s more, there’s often the potential for a year in industry, and to meet professionals that may one day become mentors. More and more marketing candidates are choosing to study online, which enables them to get to grips with the practical sides of marketing while working their way through the paperwork. UAB’s online degree options are particularly enlightening and will assist anyone hoping to seek out a marketing career.

Do your Research

What’s going on in the world right now? What successful and not-so-successful campaigns have you witnessed? Have there been any high profile cases, for better or worse? Whether you’re preparing for an interview or simply sitting tight for now, it’s essential that one finger remains on the marketing pulse at all times; marketing is a contemporary industry, one that’s changing all of the time. When you come to prepare for an interview, ensure you know all there is to discover about the company you’re applying to, including past campaigns and its business philosophy. Marketing assistants, managers and executives must be relevant at all times, and prove that they understand the demands of consumerism right now.

Embrace Every Opportunity

Marketing is a field of business that embraces experiences, and loves to have skilled members of the industry on board. If you’re hoping to make headway in a marketing career, prepare to consider internships, apprenticeships and even volunteer positions. Each will give you something new and fresh to include on your CV, ensuring you’re ready to apply for the next fantastic vacancy you find.

Have a Portfolio Handy

Whatever skills you’re bringing to the table it’s important you’re able to demonstrate them in a heartbeat; you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to network. What are your strengths? Where do you hope to steer your career? If you’re a brilliant writer, prepare a portfolio of relevant blog posts or advertorials; if you’re a designer make sure you’ve got a link to your online portfolio. Marketing is the perfect career for confident showmen and women, and for anyone with a creative flair. Don’t be afraid to appear keen; you’ll thrive in this world.

Marketing is a world that’s always changing and marching forward; well, it needs to keep up with the demands of business and those of consumers, after all. For this reason, marketing candidates must always embrace the opportunity to learn a new skill and be ready to pick up fresh information that’s pertinent to their career. Although you’ll discover tried and tested concepts for research, branding and digital promotion, the ability to present innovative and dynamic ideas at the drop of a hat will always be welcomed in your marketing career. It’s time to set yourself on the path to success.

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