6 Tips To Attract Customers and Retain Them

The problem for many companies is that instead of focusing on attracting new customers, they are focusing more on selling their products and services.

They do not realize that attract a customer and them loyal to our brand is very important, as this will not only save a lot of money to spend on advertising, but also, that customer return to buy again and again, and recommend us many more people, which is the best advertisement for our business.

Here I share all 6 tips for customer acquisition and loyalty.

1) Provide Our Customers a Service or Product of Excellent Quality

The best way to get the customer back to buy in our business is providing a service or product of excellent quality, i.e. a product or service developed with input from first who possesses an attractive and innovative design that is durable in time and meets customer expectations.

2) Provide the Best Service to Our Customers

Providing the best service to our customers, we will create bonds of trust, loyalty to our products and services, quality service consists among other things, provide an excellent service, friendly and respectful treatment, a comfortable, safe, a close deal and especially prompt attention, speed is very important, since people today value their time.

6 Tips To Attract Customers and Retain Them

3) Constant Communication with the Client

It is essential to keep in touch with our customers, and there are many ways to do this, for example, by calling to ask how it goes with the product you purchased with us, send an email, even if we have a facebook page of our business we can tell our customer who follow us through this network, all to create a relationship of trust with the customer.

4) Offering After Sales Service

One way to offer our customers excellent service while maintaining communication therewith is providing after sales service, and among other things we can offer a service product delivery to your home, free installation of any product where warranted and appropriate, provide ongoing advice to the use of the product, provide warranty repair and maintenance of the product, etc.

5) Send them an Email Newsletter

This is important, that we may inquire customer to receive from us periodically an electronic newsletter to your email, offering new promotions, discounts, products, etc. In this way the customer will be watching us every time we launch a new product or service, and a promotion.

6) Make use of Social Networks

This is a very important aspect, because today social networks like facebook and twitter enjoyed enormous popularity, and we can capitalize on this trend. This is a way to keep in touch with our customers, and they are always watching us, it is important to always publish regularly on our facebook page, news, discounts, gifts, promotions, etc.

Anyway, here are some details that we must work to improve our business every day, do not forget that the customer is the key element of any business and deserves to work a lot on it.