7 Challenges You Will Come Across While Owning a Muay Thai Business

Running a Muay Thai business brings some of its own challenges which are importable to solve before it raises and affects the market.  However, it’s more challenging and different as compared to any other place or countries. In Thai,  people have their own beliefs, understanding or adapting the cultures, and other various things which somehow affect the whole working at some point. Knowing how to tackle them without wasting too much time or resource help in the business to bloom and establish more successfully.

List of challenges that you have to overcome when you own Muay Thai

Owning a Muay Thai business is a profitable deal. But again, it’s crucial to make sure that you have the ideas about the challenges that will come sooner or later, so you are already prepared for it, and also it does not affect the marketing too.

#1 The recruitment of staffs and members

For the camps, the teams and members are recruited by the third party as the process is counted as informal usually in Thailand. The members and staffs do not get accurately assess or investigate before they get hired.  The reason behind this, the competition and business are too competitive, and because of that, the owners don’t prepare to get too much information about their staffs. Neither have they shared the information related to their past employees or anything. Also most of the trainers, members or staff trained by the same gyms when they were young.  Being a foreign owner, it’s better to be careful at the time to advertise the jobs.

#2 Setting the employment contracts

Most of the staffs and members are not hired through the proper protocol of recruit which means the people are not completely introduced with the concept of employment contracts.  However, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.  If you think that someone is doing their work right then, you can just fire them without any mess. But, the biggest drawback that you get is you don’t have any kind of hold on your staffs. Due to these reasons, the staffs change their jobs frequently which affect the business directly.

#3 Allegiances of trainers and other people

The trainers are always passionate and dedicated about the sport, which doesn’t mean that they can’t switch their priorities and loyalty. For the people, the sport and country loyalty comes first instead of the company or business loyalty. Well, it’s not a complicated thing to understand, but also it’s unchangeable.  The owners should not expect more than anything if the business is going well.

#4 The expectations

It’s another part where the chances of disputes arise; when it comes to trainers, they are completely dedicated to making sure that people learn this fighting skill. However, they want respect as well as the loyalty of the students. If the students are not completely ready for it, then the trainers at www.suwitmuaythaigym.com can find it irritating to continue which also means that the relationship can be over very soon. The expectation based on several things, well-paying directly can be an option, but it’s not the ultimate solution. However, the owner can do favors such as providing the best in accommodation and foods which cause the discipline among the staffs and trainers.

#5 Maintain the atmosphere

When everything is going according to the plan, the atmosphere of the gym feels positive as well as welcoming. The trainers make sure that the people enjoy their training but work hard too and it goes vice versa. Also, most of the people form a good bounding or friendship when they are working together which means if someone left the job, the other people would follow him too. The staffs are more loyal to their circle and friends than the owner of the business.

#6 Prejudices of the Thai people

Even they have lots of people from around the globe, but still, the people of Thailand is not that open up or welcoming as they look. The people are taught that no matter what their country and culture come first. Because of which, they stick with their own beliefs instead of accepting the new things. Well, it affects the owners as if they are not the native, they can go through various challenges to settle down.  That’s why the owners would never disrespect anything which is related to their culture of the nation. Along with that, the trainers are not very welcoming when it comes to getting a question about the Muay Thai as they believe that it’s something which directly belongs to them. So while the training is going on, the students also need to be careful to show any kind of disrespect related to the knowledge as well as skills of the trainers.

#7 Establishing the hierarchies

As compared to any other centers where the positing set automatically according to work, here the authorities are established by physical dominance, strength, and fitness. That’s why tagging someone with the position or the roles should be wise and also extremely careful. The wrong terms can cause manipulating the power and also lead the over controlling.  According to the natural way of setting the orders in the camp is also done by ‘Grabbling the testicles of male’ which shows the dominance and power. However, for others, it can be threatening and uncomfortable.

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