7 Local Moving Tips You Need To Know

Moving is very stressful to everyone, no matter if it is international or local. There is so much that could go wrong and adds even more stress to the procedure. Here are 7 Local Moving Tips you need to know, in order to make your move as smooth as possible.

1. Pick the right size: The way you pack your boxes determines if it is going to be an easy or exhausting move. One simple rule you should always keep in mind is: If the box is not easy to carry, you did it wrong! Always put heavy items in small boxes and use large boxes for light items, this way you won’t be tempted to pack large heavy boxes. Also put the heaviest item on the bottom of the box to make sure they do not damage anything else and to keep the box balanced.

2. Know how to pack: Some people think it is best to always put similar things together. That way you can just label the box with “books” or “electronics” and you will know where to look for your son’s math book, or your iPod. Logical, right? Maybe it is, but it will make unpacking so much harder than it could be. The fastest way of packing and unpacking is to pack by rooms, not categories. In your new home you will not have to run around to find an items place.

7 Local Moving Tips You Need To Know

3. Utilize all vessels first: Before buying moving boxes, fill up all vessels, e.g. suitcases, baskets, hampers, bins etc..This way you will save space in your truck, since you will have to take these vessels along with you anyways.

4. Secure all small items: When you dismantle furniture and electronics, always put screws, cables and other small items in zipper bags and tape them to the object they belong to. You will have the needed parts at hand as soon as you arrive at your new home – no more losses.

5. Keep a personal box: Moving usually takes the whole day, so most likely you will be very exhausted by the end of the day and you won’t have any energy left to unpack all your boxes. This is why you should pack a personal box (mark it noticeably) or an overnight bag! Pack everything in it you need for the last night in your old home and for the first night in your new home, e.g. sheets, toiletries, change of clothes etc..

6. Hire professionals: Do you have lots of fragile valuables? Let a professional moving company help you pack and transport these items. Most movers are insured, in case something is damaged during the move. If you move it yourself or with your friends’ help, you will be the one ending up paying when something happens to your valuables. Compare companies and clarify what their insurances cover before you hire one of them.

7. Hire a babysitter: When you have children who are not in the age to help with the move, it would be best to get a babysitter for moving day. You will be able to concentrate on your move and won’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt or being in the way.

Consider these 7 tips next time you move, and it will be the smoothest move you have ever had. Promise!

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