Legal Firms Can Practice Management Online Applying Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a kind of software services delivered across the internet instead of installing applications on user’s computer.

Legal Firms Can Practice Management Online Applying Cloud Computing Services

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Low upfront cost
  • Access from anywhere and on any device (broad band connection is necessary)
  • Setup and configuration is simple
  • In-built awareness of disaster
  • Provides flexibility and freedom
  • Allows team collaboration efficiently

If you are concerned about data placed on remote servers outside your law firm’s direct control, then it is necessary to consider the different kinds of service and security features provided.

Lawyers will certainly find considerable differences in features of cloud based products developed for law firms in comparison to those designed for the common public. Non-legal computing service providers may not be aware of the significance of privacy and security relevant to law practice.

Here is a buyer’s guide to find legal cloud computing apps as well as advanced technology tools, which will help you operate an efficient and lucrative law practice. You can hire the best IT support for law firms, but take time to evaluate the providers and decide how apps can fit with or enhance your workflows.

Types of Computing Apps Designed for Law Firms

  • Time, billing & invoicing

Lawyer working on billable hourly basis does not have to spend time logging the work of every client, because you can use cloud computing products to streamline billing functions. Time and billing aspects of this app is tied to the collection process and most of them provide online invoicing system.

  • Case & client management

This is the most preferred cloud computing services, because of its broad use for variety of law practice ranging from solos to large law firms. It includes helpful features like calendaring, document storage, and organization of client’s case file that can be searched and accessed from anywhere.

  • Electronic signature

This aspect saves the time of clients and lawyer. In addition, signed documents stored online are secure as well as can be accessed by both parties. Typical features include biometric, file format support as well as webcam photo authentication.

  • Document management

An internet connection is needed to access files using the document management services. In addition, you can share documents with team members and clients.

  • Virtual legal office services

You get an opportunity to deliver legal services online. It includes the use of safe client portals, so that clients can work with their advocate online. The services combine online client and case management products along with time, billing, & document management.

  • Project management

Lawyers are getting aware of the significance of project management skills related to law practice. Managing a case is similar to handling business projects. There are particular tasks, resources, and milestones to be allocated to every chore. Project management app for legal firms provides all necessary features along with chat rooms, discussion forums, and wikis for collaboration. Some software even includes billing, time entry and calendaring.

  • Backup for business continuity

Backups are conducted regularly and stored on the clouds. These are designed for disaster recovery purposes and business continuity. The data is encrypted and so allows total security.

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