8 Mistakes Applicants Make Writing Admission Essays

The majority of teenagers that are going through entering a college think application essay doesn’t make a difference. They think formulaic admission essay is what they need. They are sure people who have to read it, never do it. So, why to strive?


In some cases, it is true. Not all the application essays are read. However, the chances admission counselors will pay attention to your application essay are high. So, it is recommended to write unique and personal application essay instead of not doing it. And the following list of most common mistakes applicants make in their application essays will come in handy.

  • Dictionary essay. Don’t be abstruse. The essay full of words’ definitions doesn’t show you are clever and lettered. It shows you are too lazy to create an interesting and fresh plot. You have no imagination and prefer to use the fruits of others’ work. If it is true, just ask for help at http://writegreatessay.com/ instead of recapping the dictionaries.
  • Parents stories. Honestly? It sounds untruly that teenagers admire their parents. Sure, they could be your heroes, but this is not the place and time to share it. Keep it for your grandchildren.
  • Sports stories. It is great you already have something that makes you be proud of yourself. But it is rather a common story. Admission counselors heard lots. Stay absolutely original. Find experience you’re sure no one had.
  • Recipe style. “Three pieces effort, four spoons of a dream, and a dash of luck create the best student.” Still — vapid!
  • Controversies. The right opinion about a war, euthanasia, marriages etc. doesn’t exist. Avoid controversial topics, they could lead you to the wrong destination.
  • Tragedies. Keep it for the memoirs. Tragedy will not add you points. It can make counselors to pity you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be enrolled.
  • The big question. There are a lot of questions humanity couldn’t find the answers to for centuries. Leave it to philosophers. Be simple.
  • Shameless groveling. No one likes hypocrisy. Be honest and sincere, not ingratiating. Feel the difference.

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