What are the Benefits of Using E-Textbooks in Classrooms

In the modern day, you can see people using tablets and computers everywhere you go. There is also an increase number of of K-12 elementary schools that provide internet access for students. These factors are the reasons why many schools are replacing paperback textbooks with e-textbook. While traditional textbooks continue to be sold at the bookstores, more people are now preferring e-texbooks due to the benefits it offers.

No Need to Wait for Your Textbook to Arrive

If you purchase e-textbook, you can download it immediately and use it for your class. With traditional textbook, you will worry whether it will arrive on time especially if your semester is starting soon. Sometimes, they also get sold out and you will have to go from bookstore to bookstore to find the textbook. E-textbook is environmentally friendly unlike traditional textbook which is made from paper. You can help to save many trees from being cut down when you buy it.

Cheaper Price

E-textbook is usually 50%-60% cheaper than printed textbooks because it has lesser costs. Since everything is delivered electronically, there is no need to purchase paper and sent to a publishing house to print it out. Customers don’t have to pay for any shipping fee to have the textbooks shipped to them. Schools will be able to save money on investing in textbooks if they want to provide additional resources for the students.

Free Up a Lot of Spaces

If your classroom has a lot of book shelves, you can free up the spaces by asking students to use e-textbooks. When the teacher start a lesson, the students will take out their tablets and open the e-textbook instead of searching their bags for the physical textbook. The tablet is the one place where students can access all the study materials including textbooks, quizzes, and assignments. Lesser books also mean neater desks in the classroom. It also allow you to provide more spaces for the students to play.

Conveniently Edit a Textbook Content

Sometimes, there are some information that need to be corrected in the textbook. With an e-textbook, the teacher can conveniently ask students to make the edit using a PDF editor. For example, you want a graph or chart to be rotated to help the students to easily understand it. You can use a PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor to rotate the PDF. It is easy to learn how to rotate pdf file in the software. First, you load the PDF by dragging it to the drag and drop zone. Once the document is opened, you will see a thumbnail of the cover page below.  Now, you must find the page that contain the image you want to rotate. Once you are in edit mode, you can use the rotate tool to rotate the image by 90 degree.

Quickly Find the Page the Teacher is Discussing

When the teacher ask student to turn to a page, student can quickly go to the page by searching for the page number in the PDF viewer. If the student is to use a physical textbook, it will take him longer to turn to the page especially if he is not familiar with its content. As a result, the student will not be in time to make any notes on that specific page that the teacher is discussing. It prevents you from having to mess up the page on the textbook with your handwriting. The text tool in the edit mode allows you to add any notes your teacher instructed. You can always delete the note you added by drawing the blue frame over it and deleting with the backspace key.

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