A Future In Chemistry

Setting up a future in chemistry is a dream for some aspiring chemists but they doubt what job opportunities a qualification in chemistry can provide for them. If you are one of them, then pay heed as chemistry is everywhere; career opportunities vary from both the inside of a laboratory to outside the lab. With matters of human health and the environment needing first-hand priority, chemistry is an unassailable part of science for the future. Let us look into a broad classification of the fields of life in which you can apply your knowledge in chemistry.

A Future In Chemistry

  1. Energy and the environment: During a stage where environmental pollution is having quite an impact on the planet, job opportunities are a plenty. Jobs like a Sustainability Consultant wherein you will have to work out the carbon footprints and environmental effects of products & services. There are other jobs in the Enhanced experimentation sector for finding new refining processes with new methods and scouting for new environment-friendly technologies. There are many more opportunities available in the sector like being an environmental chemist or you could even become a registered scientist and find a material which can capture energy in sunlight more efficiently or even a new element into the Periodic Table.
  2. Human health: The role of chemistry in human health cannot be overturned. With multiple opportunities available such as an experimental chemist, medicinal chemist, analytical scientist and more, the health and medicinal industry is where most people with a qualification in chemistry go for the money. Your work can also have a great impact on the well being of the people by finding new medicines and cures to diseases like cancer.
  3. Lifestyle and recreation: With people spending money on cosmetics a lot now-a-days, you could get involved in the making of desirable properties from cosmetic items to chewing gum. You could also get into a quality assurance chemist profile wherein you test the limits of products ensuring the best to the public. Other profiles you can go for include being a fragrance/ flavour chemist or a sports scientist.
  4. Something different: If you don’t think the above options are working out for you, you can look for a job in forensic science; helping in crime scene investigations. You could otherwise become a teacher, spread your knowledge with the coming generations.

As you can see, there are a lot of places where you can make an impact with a qualification in Chemistry. Find out where your interests lie comfortably and prepare yourself in accordance for the job you want to have. Just in case you need a different approach to understand topics of chemistry check out this YouTube channel –

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