A Start-up Company’s Guide: How To Advertise and Attract New Staff

Start-up companies can find it difficult to get their businesses off the ground, and one factor of this could be getting the right staff on board. If your start-up company consists of just you or only a couple of you, chances are you are going to need some extra expertise brought on board. You may be great at getting your ideas across, pitching your product or creating a website – but what about the financial side of things? And how about knowing about your legal restrictions? And do you know what you’re doing when it comes to marketing? You might need to reach out and attract some staff into your company to help it grow. You’ll want to get this right first time, because the costs and time involved in hiring new staff can take its toll… So, with this in mind, here’s a few tips to getting that accountant – that marketer – that fresh mind, hired – and working ASAP for your business:

A Start-up Company’s Guide: How To Advertise and Attract New Staff

Choose your channels wisely

Don’t throw your job advert out on every job board going. See if there are any specialist job boards that would attract serious candidates. Advertise the job in your local newspaper, too. You could also use social media to reach out to the right people. The great thing about social media is that its free, and, so long as you know what you’re doing, you can get your message out far and wide. You’ll also be able to reach those passive people who may not directly be looking on job boards. In fact, according to Webrecruit, social media is a great tool for tapping into that sought-after pool of potential candidates who aren’t actively seeking a new role but would be open to change if the right opportunity came along. (check out these advantages to using social media to hire people, here.)

Offer them the right perks

Obviously salary will be a big factor in pulling in the right candidates. Pitch it too low and you won’t get enough people apply, and pitch it too high and you could end up with lots of applications which just don’t hit the mark. But there’s more than just salary to offer. Think about how much annual leave you want to give your staff members, and what about loyalty bonuses? If you can offer some kind of discount to your employees, this can also attract candidates. Think of unique ideas, like offering  address down day at work, or a knock-off-early Friday, or how about offering free snacks once a month? Fruitful Office, a company that delivers fruit baskets to offices across the UK and Ireland, conducted a survey into how offering this free perk helped retain staff members and showed how much the employer valued their input and work. It also helped motivate staff too – which can really help your productivity levels!

Reply to all queries and be flexible

It’s important to reply to any emails that come your way after a job advert has been published. Many people may want to enquire to find out some more about the role before they apply – so not replying to their messages could give off the wrong impression. Be open to flexibility – and don’t discount candidates right away if they have the right skills but just can’t do the exact right hours or days. That way, you can find the right person for the role and meet both your and their needs.

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