Application Whitelisting Tools: Are They A Good Choice?

Security is a major concern for corporations nowadays. Previously, most of the data and information in organisations was stored on physical paper or computer hard drives, which were kept away from the network. As a result, the only way that the data could be stolen was if someone broke in and entered the building physically. Naturally, this was much more difficult than remotely hacking the company’s servers and stealing the information. However, that is no longer the case nowadays. Instead, most of the information in corporations and commercial entities is stored on the cloud, which means that there’s a considerable security risk involved.

Application Whitelisting Tools: Are They A Good Choice?

One of the most common ways of hacking a closed network and stealing information is to disguise an application and e-mail it on the company’s servers. If the antivirus program doesn’t detect the application and it is executed on the server, it can quickly spread throughout the network, wreaking major havoc throughout. While most antivirus tools are very powerful, new and improved viruses are being released almost regularly, which makes it incredibly difficult for antivirus programs to detect them. A safer solution is to only run applications that have been pre-approved on the company’s servers.

Understanding the Whitelisting Process

These pre-approved applications are also known as whitelisted applications. A security program checks the hex code of each file before allowing it to run on the company’s computers. Therefore, even if the application is disguised as another program, the hex code cannot be tampered with and it will be detected automatically. Application whitelisting is therefore a very robust security technique that blocks all harmful files and ensure smooth performance within the organisation. If you don’t want to put your company’s cyber security at risk, using the whitelisting process is a great idea. Here are some key benefits of whitelisting.

Constant Monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of whitelisting is that the security company will be constantly monitoring all of the applications that are executed on the company’s servers. In case a malicious program is executed by accident, the company will automatically shut it down and a warning sign will appear. Rather than simply check the description of the executable file, the company actually looks at the hex code of each file to make sure that it’s the real deal.


There are numerous antivirus programs which are actually fairly heavy and can take a serious toll on the performance of your computer. On the other hand, the whitelisting tool is pretty lightweight and can work in the background without affecting the performance of your vehicle drastically. The policy sizes are pretty small, which means that there’s virtually zero impact on the endpoint resources of your computer.

Protects Your PC

One of the biggest threats that computers face nowadays is from ransomware or targeted online attacks that are aimed at servers. These are just some of the major benefits that you get for installing a whitelisting program. You can get a trial subscription from a reputable security company and try it out for yourself before making a decision.

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