Are Electric Shavers Replacing Old Messy & Dangerous Straight Razors?

Stubble trouble!? Fed up of those traditional razors, shaving creams, aftershave lotions, nicks and cuts? Chew it off with the best electric razor for men! Though the sound electric creates trepidation in you, electric razors are skin friendly. With every day’s invention of a better technology let’s give you an insight over the latest development on razor technology which would ease you from many of the queries such as what are the types or features available, their cost and the advantages over razor blades.

Are Electric Shavers Replacing Old Messy & Dangerous Straight Razors?

Let’s take a quick look.


The 2 main types – rotary and foil.

Rotary, as the very name suggests, this technology is based on the rotational movement of the blades to snip off that strong, long hair and is ideal for those who would like to take a weekend off and prefer to have a neat shave the next morning.

Of course, for the man who would like to give velvet feel to his lady charm would surely opt for the foil type as it shaves off the hair very close to the skin very precisely and is yet the best electric razor for sensitive skin or delicate skin type. The latest invention of the ES-LV95-S Arc5 from Panasonic will surely amaze you.


Rechargeable: Are the battery indicators showing low? Just plug in the charger for about an hour or so, even some models give you the option of quick charging of 5 minutes and you can now have a quick and easy shave.

Cordless: Are you travelling or are you unable to make it due to Monday morning blues? You can now carry it with you in a handy pouch even to your office or make it just before the meeting.

Wet and Dry Shave: You may choose them while having a shower or you may even use them in the traditional way of using with water and lotion. Their nonslip coating makes it shower friendly. This Philips Norelco S8950/90 Review from Instant Grooming will show you that how easy it is to shave as you like by a good electric razor.

Cleaning: Here the choice is yours. Most of the models can be held under the tap of running water and is very easy, economical, and convenient and is the traditional method. Many high end models have their own built in technology to cleanup by themselves with just by ensuring the clean-up liquid is recharged on time and these are available online.


As the proverb goes “Haggling over every ounce in purchasing may not reduce one’s cost of capital.” it is left to the wise to now take a call on the usage of disposables over electric shavers, the handy features of electric shavers and also the advantages over razor blades. Compare electric razors with manual razors and you will find that the cost is justified after a year of usage. Compare the cost and other features at Instant Grooming.

Advantages of electric shavers over razor blades:

  • The very basic fact it’s easy and mess free.
  • Gone are those days of carrying your razor, shaving cream, brush, aftershave lotion and not to be surprised even the need of water !
  • The handy set with a pouch makes you comfortable to carry even during travel.
  • Relax! You can now avoid those nicks and cuts which looks appalling.
  • Neither pricey for a reason nor dear for value, so now make a wise choice & enjoy!

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