Balance Between The University And The Work

Today, a good academic record is not synonymous with success in gaining access to employment. Experience is a required value and will be a great complement to our first “resumes”. Learn how to organize our time is the key factor if we are to survive having a university and working life at a time.

Universities, where we place our hopes and longings professionals; each semester progress becomes a celebration closer to a goal. Among many classes, assignments and projects, time is a non-negotiable factor. Yet sometimes get over difficult times and we need to have more money income. It’s time to get a job! What kind of activity could fit into our lives, without affecting our already loaded days too?

There are different alternatives, but the most common is to get a part-time job. These types of jobs are usually offered in retail chains, fast food restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment venues such as cinemas, cafes, cultural centers, among others.

Balance Between The University And The Work

Things in Order

Learning to organize our time is the key factor if we are to survive having a university and working life at a time. It takes a lot of sacrifice and have priorities in order, understand that our work is the mainstay of our studies and therefore must spend their time, but also taking into account that we fulfil our responsibilities as students, which is what that will form us to a better future.

How to organize our work and college life? Simple, just keep a calendar or planner can be a bit tedious to be organized at that point and may cost work at first, but a matter of habit, make a habit of being organized. If you do it you will see that the time will no longer be any impediment to your daily work, even with a job.

How to create a habit? We can create simple incentives, reward ourselves every time we perform our tasks successfully, something that fills us with pleasure or happiness (movie, for ice cream). We must stay motivated if we cope with a busy life.

However, do not discard or our personal life or rest. It is very important to get the perfect development of our activities, to balance studies-work-leisure.

The plans and schedules that we mentioned above, it is essential to find spaces to other occupations, whether playing sports, spending time with family and friends or take a short trip. Any option is good as long as our minds get escape.